Life itself is a journey.we all have to keep walking till our heart beats and the time we left behind creates memories…. some beautiful, some sad. Some incidents we remember,some fades away with time.

I love spending time alone with nature. A small stroll nearby or at park or simply gazing out from my window. Some incidents change our way of thinking forever. I want to share here my One small journey…. an unforgetable walk . A journey which made me realize that we all have different perspections on same things.

I was at my native. One evening I decided to take an evening stroll to the near by beach and enjoy the beautiful nature, fresh air and sunset as that place was near my house. After sunset i was on my way back home I saw a guy who I have met once so  casually asked him that he too love to spend time on beach and he said No, And told me that he was there because his family wants to enjoy the breeze who I saw was at distance.

I thought how can someone hate sea. Its so calm n beautiful. I asked him is their some reason and he told me he lost his friends two years back on a trip to Arnala beach. He and his friends were enjoying, playing in water  near the shore and suddenly one big wave just swept away everyone into the deep. One moment they were all enjoying and within seconds everyone was crying for help. All 13 were swept away and only this guy was saved by a local fisherman. He was in shock for few months after that incident.

He still can’t forget that day, their cries, their faces and struggle to reach the shore. Luckily fisherman was successful saving this guy’s life by grabbing his hand who was unconscious. That one big wave changed his life forever.He lost all his friends. Since then whenever he see the beach he remember that incident who took his friends life.

That day I realised we all have different perspective on the same thing. If one thing gives us happiness,the same can be the reason for someone’s sadness too.

The journey towards the beach was supposed to make me feel happy, relaxed but now whenever I see the beach,somewhere back in to my mind it reminds me that unfortunate incident where this guy lost all his 13 friends forever.

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