The two caring hands hold him for the first time. Happiness knew no boundaries of this proud parents. Days passed by and the journey of the new born begins. They hold his hand and helped him to take the first step of his life. The caring hands protects him when was about to fall. The scared baby cried a lot on the first day of his school. The first foundation of his carrer ‘Education’ started. The caring hands took him lovingly to learn the first alphabet of his life. They followed him, helped him in every stage of his life. Whenever he needs them, they stood by his side sacrificing their needs. His dreams became the first priority for this couple.
As years passed by, today this caring hands needs love, care, support in their life. Alone they supported each other for their daily chores. One day their baby now a young, educated and successful man holds their hand, took them out and helped them to sit in a car for a long drive. That day once again old parents happiness knew no boundaries. Car stops. Journey of the caring hands , the proud parents ends up in old age home.

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