HOUSEWIFE… A word many men wants to use less or never in their life.  I don’t understand why the term housewife is given less importance compared to working women. Is it like if a woman chose to be at home and to look after the members of her family, her place all by herself termed as less important than choosing a position in Companies?? Why do most husbands feel degraded introducing their wives in get together or any parties as a housewife.
It’s nothing like if she choose not to work outside at companies or in industries after marriage means she is less educated or doesn’t have skills etc etc… I will say those who choose to be a housewife actually chose a full time or 24/7 job. Yes some loves to do buisness from home simultaniously, but i think it’s totally a women’s call. They should have that independence to be a simply home maker or to do a buisness being at home.
It needs a lots of patience, attention and skills to look after everything and it’s a big responsibility to fulfill everyones needs, demands and women loves to do that. Men should understand that unknowingly or knowingly because of this housewives your life is moving smoothly personally as well as professionally.
Men  must have experienced that if one day their wife is ill or gone out for a couple of days, most of them can’t even find their kerchief or socks or say important files. Right??
I respect working women too and I agree they handles both home and office perfectly and i respect their passion. But there are few women who just love to give their 24hrs to the home or family they got married to and some loves to do job and even after that they knows their responsibilty after marriage. That’s the power women juggle between home and work perfectly.
My intension to write specifically about housewives is because I personally have seen many men feels awkward saying my wife don’t work or she is a housewife. That attitude brings women’s morale down .. sometimes they feel like they are wasting their talent or are less important compared to others. Even some men doesn’t take them for outing with friends or at professional get together even at parties.

Men should understand the importance of  their wives who chose to be a housewife and understand her sacrifices. They should feel proud that you got a woman in your life who chose you, your parents, your house over her carrer after marriage. Respect her decision. Feel proud to introduce her as a HOUSEWIFE.


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