I love December..  it’s the season of celebrations, love,sharing happiness and most important the month of Jesus  Christ… CHRISTMAS.

 December brings joys and tears and the love that binds everyone together. Joy because we all know It’s a Jesus Christ month.. a birth of our saviour. On this month the light of blessings and love spread on the Earth . Tears because it will mark the end of the existing year. All the gains and pains we had experienced in the existing year will leave us , While we are busy in celebration with fun , love, meets and greets with our peoples. Few days later, We all will be ready to welcome new year with  partying hard, drinks , dance , smiling face and open arms and with that Tears and the pain in the heart, we all will bid good bye  to the existing year. Really December brings back the memories of joy and happiness and with it a tinge of sadness too.

December is a month full of nostalgia… we meet our relatives, friends, loved ones and this is the only month where we forget all our worries, tensions, fights and differences with near and dear ones and celebrate Christmas and New Year. Little kids eagerly waiting for secret santa and voila the decoration…. i just love how beautiful everyone decorates their home, christmas tree, lawns.

In short December is the month of renewal. We renew our relationships that sees ups and downs. We all forget the ugly sour talks,fights, differences we have with each other and fill our relations with love, respect,appologies , smiles in the beginning of the new year.

This is a circle of life…. it will go on… love and differences  will happen… where there is love..ups and downs will come, where there are relations, differences will definitly crop up. But we don’t need to worry as we know again December will come in the end and will fix it.and that’s why I LOVE DECEMBER.


Daily Prompt: Calm

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