Daily Prompt: Ovation


My work takes me to lot of new places. I remember an incident that took place at one such tour recently. I was at the station  and my train got delayed for few hours, so I decided to sit in the waiting room. Few peoples were already there. I saw a man was abusing a lady. No one dared to stop him thinking it was their personal matter as they seemed to be husband and wife. The lady was embarrassed and scared and that man was continuosly abusing, threatening her and on the verge of raising hand. From few peoples present there , one  gentleman just got up and caught that man’s hand that was in the air to hit a woman. This action enraged that abusive man and he was about to start a fight but one tight slap from the same gentleman and he came to his senses.. scared by the action and unaware of facing such situation , he just left that place hurriedly. The lady thanked him and everyone present there clapped and gave a standing ovation to that gentleman.

Now whenever I see such incidents and if I think I could help them somehow , I intervine or call an emergency number and explain the matter to the police. It’s our society and it’s our duty to keep it safe.

I really wish peoples should come forward and help each other when they see untoward incidents happening or someone getting abused in public place. We need more such gentlemen  in our society. May be because of us someone’s life will be saved.


via Daily Prompt: Ovation


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