The strange thing about invitation is, if we receive one we don’t think much about it..yes agreed we feel happy that we are invited to share someones happiness,but if we are not invited then it makes us feel like we are the most neglected humanbeing on the earth and it’s a big tragedy happened with us with lots of depressing thoughts like how can someone neglect us like this in their important occassions, everyone is fake in this world etc etc kinda thoughts creeps in our mind.
The intention behind sharing my view on invitation is little different ..because I think we humanbeings are like when we get something easily,  we don’t understand it’s value but if we are neglected we think like all are on one side and we are deserted or pushed to the far corner of the world . Same applies in relationship, love, life and small happy moments that happens with us daily.
Small incidents, gestures matters alot in our life. Sometimes We just forget it’s importance as we receive it easily, but who don’t get or are still struggling to have that little gestures of love, relationship in their life knows its real value.

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