Humanbeings are the intelligent and social animals on the earth. Humanbeings are known for their humanity. They are the most sensitive and emotional living beings. One question… Where do their intelligence and emotions go when they treat animals in inhuman way??
Overworked and exhausted sight of animals makes us think where is humanity, heart, sentiments and emotions disappear when this so called intelligent species on earth treat animals in the cruel way. It really breaks heart when the hungry and tired animals are seen on the road working in the pain nonstop for hours silently. They seem so weak yet are loaded with double of their weight with items and seem to be working for hours nonstop without food or water. It seems like their teary eyes asking question to every human being, “what is my mistake that I am getting punished in this way?? ”
It really breaks heart in to pieces. How can be their masters so cruel. Atleast they should think they are earning, having food because this poor animals work day and night. Atleast treat them properly with basic needs.. medicines and let them rest between work.Little love and care will not cost much.

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

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