A small story of my beautiful life. How changes happens with time, How you are replaced by another person and every replacements is not the bad thing.
Me, my husband and our two kids…  My beautiful small world. My day revolves around my loving husband and two beautiful kids.
Time passed by and now me and my husband took a back seat and our grown up kids took charge most of every decisions regarding  the house and daily expenses. This is the first major replacement.  Me and my husband enjoyed a relaxed retired life to the fullest.. sometimes exploring new places or spending weekends at our countryside second home.
Everything was perfect. My daughter got married in the loving family with a handsome man and soon got busy in her own life. As a mother I was satisfied and proud of my daughter, the way she looked after her husband’s home and family. Afterall Now that was her own place… She was now a married woman. A woman with responsibility.
My son chose a beautiful girl as his life partner..  It was a lavish marriage. My two kids got settled and as a parents we were happy and content. Soon My daughter – in – law took all the responsibilites of the house and I was too happy to retire from this post as a head of decision once again after my daughter’s marriage.

This is life. Replacement happens. Today my daughter in law  took my daughter’s place. Not like the love for my daughter has reduced. Once i was in charge of this household decisions and today I was replaced by my daughter in law and yes i am happy. Change is good.

Replacement will happen in life but to take it in a positive or negative way is in our hand. With time everything will be replaced, weather you want it or like it or not. It is is in nature. Accept it. Be happy.


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