Everytime when untoward incident happens with any girl or women at any corner of the world, fingers are raised on her or that women is being  judged first. Questions like why was she their at first place or what was she doing there at this hour or why was she with them and it goes on n on n on…  In reality men should resist their actions against women which destroy her life forever, but instead of that We see most of the time blames are put on the victim.

First everyone shows sympathy and then will say after dark girls should never venture out alone or with guys. And if the incident happened in broad day light then most of them will pointout on her clothes or sometimes directly on her character.

I always wonder why???why women are easy targets when men are at fault.. why no one question that male who is a criminal..who misbehaves with the ladies..who openly does  eve teasing on road or at public place openly, but public chose to ignore rather than to resist their actions. No one pointout on their upbringing or character but asks women to be extra careful.

I am against this society thinking that indirectly protect accused and to follow this norms of being tied or confined girls at home after dark because some ill men on road can’t resist their urge after spotting women in the late night alone.

Instead of setting norms for girls about what to do and what not to do.. teach men to respect women. Teach boys to respect girls in their growing years.. Let them know women are not the easy targets and they too have life and loves to enjoy their share of happiness to the fullet without any fear. women too are from the same society as men and we too have equal right to live life the way we want.

Real men is the one who  protect the women who is alone on the road rather than misbehave with her.

via Daily Prompt: Resist

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