Everyone works hard to earn money, enjoy luxuorious life , drive swanky cars, costly smartphones and enjoy city nightlife to the fullest. And all this is possible for those who live and earn in big cities. So many things to enjoy in urban life but with pros comes cons too.. Fast but unhealthy life, Junk foods, less or no sleep, long working hours, polluted climate, overtime,poor health, bad habits and lists go on.. but with all comes a fun life thats irresitatable. City life is for the one who loves to have every luxuary in their life with money and material things.

My dream is to settle near countryside and m sure there are many who had the same dream like mine. where there is no luxuary but beautiful nature and loved ones around us. It’s my dream. Who don’t love to spend quality time with dearones at slow paced life with Open space, less population, clean air, no pollution. Wherever one look there should be beautiful greenary. 

Every morning day starts with fresh smell of earth and from the window one can see mountains, trees, and only beautiful nature. No traffic, no horns ,no rush to get up from bed. Just a beautiful sunrise, cool breeze, lovely chirpy birds and clean fresh air to inhale.

Farming, gardening is my first love. Less luxuary but more satisfactory. Happy content life. Good health, better sleep, beautiful climate,fresh food,clean air.I hope one day I will enjoy my dream.

Clean and green life.

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