I saw many ups and downs in the journey of my life. I met many unknown faces… some became friends, some remain strangers, some stayed for long and still in touch while some left midway of the journey and gone forever.  Some remain loyal, some betrayed, some used me and some benefitted me to craft my beautiful journey to achieve what I desired and dreamt in my life. In either way all have the contribution to help me rise up and craft the beautiful path of life on which I am walking today and ofcourse with that hard work and little luck . Some way or other all that I have met helped me.

No grudges, no hard feelings nothing against anyone. I believe all that I have met in my life’s journey was a lessons, blessings that taught me how to be a better humanbeing. What qualities one should have and one should not. I will continue to make my path beautiful and in this  journey of my life I will keep meeting new faces and try to learn more things as long as I am on this path .

Life is a lesson and we should  keep learning. I will help others to achieve their dream in whatever way I can to craft their path of life in the beautiful way they have desired or dreamt of. I believe the way we think others are lessons or blessings in our life, same way others think about us.

I chose to be blessings in the peoples life.


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