Everyday Is Not Your Day.(Daily-Parlay)

Will You…


She came to know about the opening at her favourite company where she always desired to work. But required Criteria was too high for the said position.

Disappointed for a while, she thought something, then mischieviously smiled. She was a beautiful lady who knew how to make any man fall for her. She knew well that if nothing worked out, her beauty and stunning body will come to her aid. She thought whtever she desired in the world can be achieved by her beautiful looks and curves.

Next morning she dressed up for the interview. She wore short formal skirt and a white blouse tht was flaunting her figure perfectly. She took extra care to look ravishing today. Checked herself one last time in the mirror and left for the interview . She reached office on time, actually before time. Lady at the reception guided her towards the cabin. She adjusted her dress and hair and softly knocked on the door.

He asked her to come in. Their eyes met. A handsome man was sitting behind the chair. He looked at her and asked her to sit. He checked her certificates and she kept staring at him with a smiling face. He glanced at her twice. Few minutes later He said,”The position required  Criteria is high and yours does not match them.”

Still smiling She said in a sensuous tone,  “May be I am falling short in the required criteria for the said job, but m excellent in other fields. You will be more than satisfied,  happy and will never get a chnce for complaint if you give this job to me”.

He looked straight in to her eyes and said, “On one condition i will give this job to you, if that is possible for you, this job is yours.”

 In a husky tone and bending little forward she asked,”What”.

 He calmly said,” Is it possible for you to  Parlay your beauty with brain somewhere, because we need intelligence for this job and you seem to have more beauty.”

She was stunned by his behaviour.. No men had ever behaved with her like this till date.

 He continued,” That’s  what we need here the most..nothing else. Thank you..you may leave now.”

Shocked and disappointed She came out of his cabin.

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