Lost You Forever….


When I saw you, I silently prayed to God to not bring us face to face.. But sometimes exactly oppossite happens.. the thing we wanted to avoid desperately .. happens with us.

I tried avoiding You best all the evening, but while leaving the place we bumped into each other and I realised, all the flashback incidents were still Vivid in my memory… Nothing blurred or left out from my mind… I still remember that dark day of my life .

The day you left me.. the mistake actually a crime that happened from me and the last word you spoke to me.. I HATE YOU still gives me pain. You left and I realised how much I love You .. My happiness is, was and will be with You.  I wish I would have never committed that mistake. I wish to take the time back and erase that mistake. I wish to be together like we used to be always.

I know today you must have felt the same pain like I do.. or may be not.. because today you are once again a happily married woman. And the way you casually passed from my side proves you have moved on in life and I am still standing where you left me few years back… All Alone.

I dont blame you for that…. I never did.. I deserve to be alone because you were always faithful to me..it was me who broke your heart, bought tears in your eyes by cheating behind your back with another woman.

I deserve to be alone all my life.


via Daily Prompt: Vivid