Life. (Daily Prompt-Ruminate)


What humanbeings really expect from life? Success, Money,  Fame, Designation or something else?? Actually in the end we humanbeings want happiness and peaceful life. Early morning while sipping hot cup of coffee standing on my balcony and watching the crowd moving hurriedly to their destination, a thought crept into my mind. Running almost all life chasing the material things, how can any person find the time to enjoy what they really want to do in life?? Do they atleast find the time to relax and breathe cool morning breeze or to simply enjoy watching the rising sun??? Most people will say No.
while I was Ruminating about humanbeings and logic behind hectic lifestyle, the sound of my alaram clock brought me back from my thoughts and made me realise it’s my time to join the crowd.

This is unavoidable… You have to run, compete and earn money to survive in the world weather you like it or not. May be everyone dreams the same … A lazy life in the arms of  nature.

The best way  to enjoy your dream life is spare some time from the hectic schedule and enjoy carefree, tensionfree life. Sometimes take a break and enjoy the cool breeze and morning sun, starry night somewhere in the arms of Nature, if not then from your balcony.

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