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She knew things weren’t good when the plumber started mumbling to himself.write_now_plane

She knew things weren’t good when the plumber started mumbling to himself. He was doing the same repair work for the past few months. Every time he would complete the work, within few days she calls him for the same problem and he has to do the same repair work.. Today he is here again for the same work may be for ninth or tenth time. She can’t blame him if he is irritated, Anyone can get if he has to go with such situation. He had suggested to change the pipe when she called him third time and she did that too, but again after a week same problem arised. Now he is confused and so do she. He is irritated and she was afraid. She is new in the area and didn’t knew much about this place. He adviced her to find a new place. He told her this place is not good to stay as it was unoccupied for many years. Neighbours says there is some negative force in this place that don’t want any humans to stay here. She asked him to shutup and concentrate on work. Still his mumbling was going on. Whatever he said scared her as she was staying there alone and sometimes she too felt she was not alone in the house.


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