The Thin Line.

…. Changes Everything.


I woke up and walked towards the kitchen area. On my way I saw my dad sitting on a couch reading newspaper in the living room. I cheerfully wished him Good Morning. He ignored. I continued walking towards the kitchen. I smiled at my maid who passed from my side and wished her morning like I always do. She pretended as if she didn’t saw me. Confused I continued walking towards kitchen, where mom was busy preparing breakfast. I wished her Good morning. She too behaved as if she heard nothing. Now Irritated with everyones behaviour in early morning, I Spoke loudly, ” M I INVISIBLE… Can’t you people see or hear me???” Same reaction from everyone. I shouted, “FINE…”

I Walked out of the kitchen in the direction of the living area where a big antic mirror was placed. I stood in front of the mirror, Smiled and wished myself Good Morn…. My words trailed off in the middle. “Why I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.” Shocked I ran towards my room.

I saw myself still lying on my bed… Lifeless.

No one ignored me. I WAS DEAD.


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