Long Wait. Sunday Scrawl #1

… Still I Love You.

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Every morning when she hears the sound of the whistle, she runs to catch a glimpse of passing train from the tunnel. Her master knew she loves to watch trains, so one morning he took her for a train ride. They alighted at the beautiful snow covered city. That was the best day of her life. He took her at the place from where she can view the train passing through the tunnel. He bought her favourite food and spent a beautiful day playing and enjoying with her.

Few hours later, he asked her to wait until he returns, but never came back. A faithful dog kept waiting for him in chilly winter. Years passed but he never came back to take her home… May be by now she knew he abandoned her.

Pets Love Is Pure.. Unconditional, Sadly Humans Love Them As Per Their Needs.

8 thoughts on “Long Wait. Sunday Scrawl #1

  1. Wow, great story! Itโ€™s so eerie how she keeps waiting for him years onโ€ฆ and I love how youโ€™ve related it to animals. Itโ€™s so true that some people simply donโ€™t care as much about their pets as their pets care about them. Lovely!

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