Micro Fiction Challenge #16

Attempt #1


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Painting By Felix Nussbaum.

While heading towards the end of the dark life, leaving behind tears look Up in the sky, the twinkling stars with the shining moon looks beautiful together just like You n Me. No matter what peoples think about our relationship, we know it’s pure and true.

I don’t care about your past like others as I know only I exist in your present and you are mine. The day we confessed our love, we remained true to each other.

The world will never accept our love as you are into illegal buisness that society hates and me a man going through rocky married life much before we met.

Tonite we are going to be together forever … To end my life with You is much more beautiful than Living A Life of torture without You.

Lets embrace the beautiful death in the silent night, leaving everything behind these large stark wall and be together forever.

4 thoughts on “Micro Fiction Challenge #16

    1. Thank you jane for beautiful comment.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ I just loved the painting and couldnt stop myself from writing a story… true most love stories often ends in a sad note.πŸ’”


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