Thursday photo prompt – Sails #writephoto

Waiting For You…



Evening is the same, the Way you Love, In Your Words ‘ The Perfect Sunset.’ Blue sky, scattered clouds with golden tint, Warm Sun, Swift Breeze and no one insight… Just You n’Me. The only difference is I am Am All Alone and You Are Nowhere.

When Sun hides behind the Old Windmill, I Remember the Golden Rays that used to play Hide n Seek with Your Face, making it more Beautiful with the Glow. I Miss those days since you have gone…. Please Come Back.

The more painful is no one knows Where You Are. The fact that you disappeared when you were on the way to meet me here at our favourite place. Today Two years completed for that Unfateful Evening.

I still remember I was happily waiting for you and  you never came. Where are You, What happened to you… is still a mystery. You left everyone without leaving a trace…. But every evening I will keep waiting for you at our favourite spot till you return. My Heart says One Day You Will Come Back My Love.

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