100 Word Wednesday-Family #100WW

Via:-Β https://bikurgurl.com/2017/08/23/100-word-wednesday-week-33/

‘Behind Every Successful Man, There Is A Woman Who Had Believed And Supported Him In His Success Journey.’Β 

This image reminds Me These Saying. Womens holding the statue’s legs looks like he is on top of the world because Three Beautiful Girls firmly supporting him with the smile on their face( Yes Credit Goes To The Man Standing Far Right TooπŸ˜‰) to achieve what he dreamt. The one on whose shoulder he is sitting relaxed is the pillar of the family… Without whom nothing can be possible…. FATHER.

In short, I relate these image to the Beautiful Bonding Between The Members Of The Family. If one member of the family dreams to be on top but is afraid of failure or needs motivation, support and someone who show belief in his dreams…. If he finds that support in his family itself then nothing can stop him to be on top and to convert his dreams into reality.

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