Exploration Challenge-Country Life.

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Attempt #3

Childhood the most beautiful phase of Life filled with fun surrounded by protective Shield of parents and their selfless Love.

Growing Years brings little responsibilities But Still No Goals Insight… Enjoy Life and Focus On Academics. 

As Years Pass by Goal Comes into Scene… Good Grades, Choosing Carrers,  Competitions, Challenges, Thinking about finances and list goes on… stability in life becomes more important than happiness. Yes these things stole many sleeps… But these are the part of life which is unavoidable. Everyone goes through these phase of Life.

 But the special something always peeps its head or try to attract attention towards it even between life challenges and keeps us awake many nights…. I too have one.

Dream to see every corner of the world…. Some lone dusty road trips, to learn about different cultures that very few are aware of, watching sun rises and sun sets from different countries or places and to settle down somewhere in the midst of the nature, serene n calm place where only love resides in the heart of peoples.

When I ask myself a question .. M I Happy n content with my life or Did I Achieved what I dreamt?? I spend sleepless nights thinking about my dream tour, not world tour but atleast to some places from where I can enjoy beautiful n different sunrises n Sunsets and a Small house in the countryside in the middle of nature…

Yes I still have to achieve what gives me happiness( It doesn’t mean m not happy) But till then it will keep me awake.

-Soul Connection.

6 thoughts on “Exploration Challenge-Country Life.

  1. Many of us go through this process, and the struggle is not visible to the outside world. But it is never too late — to learn something new, to travel, to study, to teach, to write — whatever is our true calling in life. Wishing you fulfilment in its deepest sense ….

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    1. Thank you Reena for the wishes…. 😊yes the feelings, struggle is invisible to the outer world. The meaning of Life is to find happiness in little things and it have its own beauty. Dream will get fulfilled one day with lil more struggle. 😇😇

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