Thursday Photo Prompt-Beautiful Misty Memories #writephoto


Romantic Dark Evening … 


Sun Sets Afar.. Somewhere In The Horizon

Blanket Of Stars .. Adds Beauty To The Vision

Mist Of Love Memories.. Captures My Heart

As Nature Turns .. Beautiful Shadow In Dark.


Cool Breeze .. Spreads Sensuous Scent Of Yours

Makes Me Believe .. You Are Somewhere Near

In Dark Misty Night .. Lets Be Together

Come Into My Arms ..  Be Mine  Forever.

-Soul Connection

3 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Prompt-Beautiful Misty Memories #writephoto

    1. Thank you so much for beautiful comment. About pictures i googled and choose tht suits my posts. I love Moon and night clicks the most … so Sprakling moon image is my logo…its beautiful and one of my favourite image.😇😇


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