One Liner Wednesday-Real Life #1linerWeds



I Miss Those Beautiful Old Time Where Playing Used To Happen In REAL Fields With Some REAL Games Where If One Falls Can Feel REAL Pain And Then Getting Up With The Help Of REAL Friends With Teasing And Laughing Then Once Again Resume Playing With Swollen Knees n Elbows With More Energy Till Sun Sets, That I Call A REAL Life With Less Technology And I Feel Myself Blessed To Live My Childhood In REAL Physical World Surrounded With REAL Friends Compared To Todays Virtual World Where Happiness Is Limited To A Click Of A Button And Emotions Preffered To Express In Emoticans Rather Than Meeting In Real.

-Soul Connection

3 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday-Real Life #1linerWeds

    1. Same her Jacqueline … i too hope technology will step lil back and good old life will come forward someday. 😇😇😊 thank you for btfl comment..cheers to our beautiful growing up time.


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