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Life A Journey. #Sunday Scrawl.

Attempt #2



Life is Game or Call it a Puzzle,

Crossing The Gate Is A Big Hurdle.

Behind Gate Is The Shadow Of Love,

Ahead The World That Will Help To Grow.

Emotional Heart Says, Lets Stay Back,

Practical Mind Says, Lets Face Challenges.

Standing In The Shadow Afraid Of Light.

As Destiny Never Stood By My Side,

Heart Beats Faster, Legs Afraid to Move,

Come on Says Inner Voice, You Have To Prove.

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Random Thoughts 32

When Relationship Sours, Short Distance Seems Too Long.

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One Liner Wednesday- Love #1linerWeds

Attempt #3

Love That Stays Forever



Walking On The Smooth Road Surrounded By Lovedones, Smiles And Fun… One Bump, Few Left Behind, Rocky Stiff Road, Few More Were Invisible, Steep Slope, There Was No One Besides Me Except My Parents Who Were Far Behind In The Crowd Of Fake Peoples On Beautiful Days.

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Wise Owl #35

Wise Words From Wise Owl.


Be Angry But Never Hurt,

With The Words That Will,

Damage The Relationship Forever.

You Will Love:-

Walks Of Life. #SoCS.

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Random Thoughts 31

So What If I Don’t Have Wings, That Will Not Stop Me To Fly High In The Air. I Will Find Many Ways… Ofcourse In A Creative Way. Afterall Life Is To Enjoy, Rise n’ Fall. I Am Not Born To Be Still Water… I Will Flow The Way I Want.

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Walks Of Life. #SoCS.

Attempt #3


The New Collected Short Stories is the book I am recently enjoying as it contains beautiful Fictional/Non Fictional Short Stories.

When I read The title of the book, it sounds simple to me but meaningful if thought philosophically. Our life too has many short stories, Some known to everyone, Some secret stories that remained burried inside our heart forever. Some peoples loves to write every incidents of their life in Secret Diary. From next year  I have planned to write a Secret Diary that will have Collection of my life events… The Collection of Short Stories of My Life.

Even a small encounter with a stranger be it on street or in public transport or at any location for few minutes creates a story between the two. In Short, Every second of our life, we are writing a new chapter knowingly or unknowingly. Every second is the beginning or end of one story. If one story ends, another begins. I believe every person on Earth has a beautiful Collections Of Short Stories. 


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Three Line Tales-Week 76,TLT

#3LineTales, TLT

Attempt #6


Photo By Sam Burriss Via Unsplash.

Beautiful, Dreamy, Courageous, Wild, Carefree … Define Me By Any Name as I have every bit of quality inside Me That Some I Love to Hide… Some I Love to Flaunt.

The Blend Of Everything You Can See In Me… Shy, Bold, Successful, Emotional, Sensitive and Most Beautiful Among All… I Am The Creator of the Universe as I Am Blessed To Bring Life On Earth.


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One Liner Wednesday-Past #1linerWeds


Attempt #2


To be happy Leave the past and Live in the Present,but whenever I close my eyes my mind drifts towards the past and Its the most beautiful feeling and I Believe a beautiful gift from Life is Past.

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Random Thoughts 30


When Soft Moonlight Falls On Earth, My Heart Glows With The Memories Of Our Love.

I Wish We Were Still Together…..

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One Liner Wednesday- My Confusion. #1linerWeds.


Attempt #1


Everyone is so busy with their work that no one has time to chin up and relax for few minutes and surprisingly everyone is thinking the same way like why humans in these world is so busy that they don’t have time to least exchange smiles…. That sometimes I doubt are we really are busy or just pretend to be…

My First Attempt on One Liner Wednesday dedicated to The Powerful Humanbeing. Humans… the most complex animal on earth. Different personalities, habits, likes, dislikes and most intelligent. To understand what runs in human’s mind is next to impossible. No one knows what is going through in one’s mind… what is hidden behind one’s smile. 


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The Real Fortune.

Daily Picture Prompt


To Be Rich Or Poor By Birth Is The Game Of Destiny. Society Creates Invisible Walls And Catagorise Humans On The Basis Of Money, Status, Power That’s Not Right.

When Happiness Knocks Door, They Don’t See Poor Or Rich. It Lands To The One Who Welcomes Life With Open Arms And Face Every Situation With A Smile.

 The Glowing Face Of A Child With A Sight Of A Mother After A Long Time Can Be Rarely Seen In Rich Family. 

To Be True No One Can Buy Happiness From Money. Love Is The Important Ingredient That Makes Life’s Journey Beautiful.


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Thursday photo prompt #writephoto – flight.




Day Ends With A Tint Of Golden Line,

Cool Breeze Soothes Harsh Sunlight.

Let Strech Wings Now N Take A Flight,

To The Place Where No One Ever Fight.

I Love Darkness For Some Reason,

It Has Power To Erase Descrimination.

The Differences Between Caste And Religion,

Darkness Snatches Identity From Every Person.

It Merges Everything In To Black Shadows.

One Who Fights In The Broad Day Light,

Unites In The Dark With Trust n’ Love Insight.


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Photo Challenge.

For MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


Attempt #2


-Natalia Fadejeva.

This Time The Call Of Nature Was Totally Different… Unbelievable But True.

Who I Am… What, How, Why I Am Like This… The Puzzle I Was Trying To Solve Since My Childhood, Solved Today.

The Place That I Always Saw In My Dreams Is Where I Am Standing Right Now, The Transformation Of Humanbeing In To Creature I Used To See In My Dreams Was None Other Than My OwnSelf.

Today I Surrender Myself To You. You Created Me, You Nurtured Me, You Were Calling Me Since Long, That I Failed To Understand.

Now Here I Am, All Yours… Nature.


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Wise Owl 34

Wise Words From Wise Owl.


If mind is at peace…

Happiness can be found

In every little things.

You Will Love…

Beauty And The Talent. 

Random Thoughts 29

Smile At The Stranger And Spread Happiness… That’s The Biggest Charity In Today’s Selfish World.

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