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Instant thoughts…

Random Thoughts #36

#Instant Thoughts

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind…


Sometimes Life Seems Better With A Lie Heart Believed Than Living A Life After Knowing The Truth.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts #35

#Instant Thoughts 

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind…


You Never Remain Same Once You Get Betrayed By Someone You Trusted Blindly. They Not Only Break Your Trust But Changes You Unknowingly For Lifetime.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts #34 #Instant Thoughts

#Voice Of Soul


When Heart Still Treasures Beautiful Moment Spent Together, It’s Difficult To Pretend As A Stranger When That Same Person Crosses Path.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts #33

Somewhere Between I Love You n’ I Want To Be With You Forever… Destiny Plays A Trick.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts 32

When Relationship Sours, Short Distance Seems Too Long.

Random Thoughts 31

So What If I Don’t Have Wings, That Will Not Stop Me To Fly High In The Air. I Will Find Many Ways… Ofcourse In A Creative Way. Afterall Life Is To Enjoy, Rise n’ Fall. I Am Not Born To Be Still Water… I Will Flow The Way I Want.

Random Thoughts 30


When Soft Moonlight Falls On Earth, My Heart Glows With The Memories Of Our Love.

I Wish We Were Still Together…..

Random Thoughts 29

Smile At The Stranger And Spread Happiness… That’s The Biggest Charity In Today’s Selfish World.

Random Thoughts 28


Attempt To Keep Everyone Happy Around Me … I Lost My Smile In The Way.

Random Thoughts 27

Everything Is Over Between Us … But Innocent Heart Still Hopes For The Miracle.

Random Thoughts 26

When I Think I Can’t … You Whisper, Yes You Can. Thank You Lord For The Strength.

Random Thoughts 25

Mind Unnecessary Drifts Towards The Memories That No Longer Brings Happiness.

Random Thoughts 24

I Wish To Be Your Love….  But Every Wish Doesn’t Get Fulfilled.

Random Thoughts 23

Behaving As A Stranger With Our Own Peoples Is Like Dying A Hundred Deaths Everyday.

Random Thoughts 22

Hate Me For Who I Am… Not For What You Think I am…. Let The Reason Be Valid.

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