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Random Thoughts 28


Attempt To Keep Everyone Happy Around Me … I Lost My Smile In The Way.

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Random Thoughts 27

Everything Is Over Between Us … But Innocent Heart Still Hopes For The Miracle.

Random Thoughts 26

When I Think I Can’t … You Whisper, Yes You Can. Thank You Lord For The Strength.

Random Thoughts 25

Mind Unnecessary Drifts Towards The Memories That No Longer Brings Happiness.

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Random Thoughts 24

I Wish To Be Your Love….  But Every Wish Doesn’t Get Fulfilled.

Random Thoughts 23

Behaving As A Stranger With Our Own Peoples Is Like Dying A Hundred Deaths Everyday.

Random Thoughts 22

Hate Me For Who I Am… Not For What You Think I am…. Let The Reason Be Valid.

Random Thought 21

Today The Noon Breeze Has Sensual Essence Of Love… It Brought Back The Memories Of Romantic Warm Days.

Random Thoughts 20

Wild Thoughts Are Iressistable In The Night… You Try To Stop, It Keeps On Coming.

Random Thoughts 19

I Don’t Want To Share My Pain With The World.. But My Eyes Never Keep Quiet.

Random Thoughts 18

Happy Moments Are Like A Favourite Novel… We Wish It Should Never Ends.

Random Thoughts 17

When Warm Noon Breeze Plays With My Hairs, I Feel Your Presence Near Me. 

Random Thoughts 16

When I Thought About Moments Of Happiness, It’s Always When Time Spent With Our Peoples… Then Why We Give Little Time To Lovedones And More To Run After Material Things.

Random Thoughts 15

Be Like A Flower In A Desert… Beautiful, Cheerful, Colourful. Even If In Reality Life Is A Struggle.

Random Thought 14

Till Now My Heart Was Happy… Your Memories Flashed And The Clouds Of Sadness Surrounded My Heart.

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