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 The Blind Date.

Attempt #9

It had been several hours since the internet, Phones and cable stopped working.


It had been several hours since the internet, phones and cable stopped working. She had no idea what was the reason behind it. Excited, happy and all dressed up, She was waiting for a call. It was her first blind date. Waiting too long for his call, she decided to check mails about changed plans from his side, but her internet was down. Frustrated she switched on the television and that too disappointed her as cable network too was down. She checked her phone connection, it was dead. Her anger turned in to tension now. She thought she missed his call as her phone was dead and now she can’t even inform him by mails or chat about her dead phone and no internet connection. In the mean while, far in the city natural calamity had displayed its massive power to humanbeings by destroying everything in a minutes.

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The Locked Room In The Corridor.

Attempt #8

The conference room at the end of the hallway hadn’t been used for several years because no one seemed to have the key for it.


The conference room at the end of the hallway hadn’t been used for several years because no one seemed to have the key for it. That night she was working alone till late in the office for the preparation of the next day presentation. When She was about to leave the office, she heard a sound of a knock.

She ignored the sound but few minutes later again she heard few knocks. It was coming from the same conference room which was believed to be haunted. Few minutes later the conference room door started to shake. Scared she ran towards the exit, then stopped midway.

She looked back and decided to walk towards the room. In the silent except the sound of her own footsteps she continued walking. Staring at the door for few minutes, she knocked softly and managed to say, “Helloooo…” In response there were continuous knocks and screeching sound of the furniture, scared she asked, “Anybody there???” In response she heard a frail sound, “Help Me..”

Someone was inside in the so called haunted conference room. She decided to inform the police. Few minutes later police came and broke open the door. She was shocked to see chained young girl. She was the same girl from the office who had gone missing since last few years and whose disappearance had caught media’s attention.

Today it came to light that She was not missing but abducted by her boss who kept her chained for all these years as she had hurted his male ego by rejecting his unwanted proposals. He used to drug her, tie her mouth so that she can’t shout and spread the rumours about haunted room, but luckily today she was able to knock and untie her mouth and caught her attention who showed guts to cross the hallway and find out the real reason behind the locked door. Their boss confessed the crime and was arrested.

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Today’s Author, Write Now Challenge.

Attempt #7


The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar but she couldn’t place a name to it.


The voice on the other end of the phone sounded familiar but she couldn’t place a name to it. From the last few days a call from the same person was threatning her. She registered a complaint against the caller, but was of no use as he used to call her from different public booth everyday . The voice was of someone whom she knew, but who is he and why he wanted to kill her was a mystery. He never disclosed a reason behind hatred towards her.

It was a rainy night and she was listening to the soothing music when suddenly lights went off. In the dark she was searching for candle when she heard footsteps in her room. She flashed her mobile light towards the direction. In the mobile flashlights and lightening from outside she saw his face. The person that was giving her sleepless nights was now in front of her. The voice who was calling and threatning her all these days was now revealed. Shocked, scared she managed to say, “You… why did you… ” Before she could complete her sentence, he ran towards her and stabbed till she was dead. 

The answer will remain a mystery forever. The face, reason, secret gone with her last breathe.

Today’s Author, Write Now Challenge, Attempt#6



Today was the worst possible day for the coffee pot to stop working.


Today was the worst possible day for the coffee pot to stop working. Outside it’s raining, the weather is beautiful, chilled and nature at its best with the mesmerizing sound of rain drops… ohh how much I am missing my hot cup of coffee.

I wish I had used the coffee pot regularly or atleast checked weather it’s in working condition or not. My small but beautiful dream of enjoying first rains with the cup of hot coffee crushed…

Never mind… watching rains itself is soothing. Today lets enjoy chilled weather while sitting on my favourite window, reading a good romantic novel with the natural background music of raindrops with the aroma of wet earth…  ohhh now where I kept my blanket.

Marriage. (Today’s Author, Write Now Challenge)Attempt#5.


No matter how hard he worked on the schedule, plans always seemed to change at the last minute. 


No matter how hard he worked on the schedule, plans always seemed to change at the last minute. “Side effects of the marriage”, frustrated he said to his best friend throwing his hands up in the air.
“Now it seems true that Girls are responsible for good and bad things. Our lovely innocent woman knows how to toss the perfectly planned schedule and change everything at the last moment as per their moods, convinence and most important as per parlour appointments. No matter how much you decide to stick on schedule or try to act strict with them, their innocent face and sweet talks will melt your heart and you will change everything for lovely woman of your life. Thats why I believe on the saying, ‘woman are the maker and breaker’. She is the one who brings happiness in your life and sometimes becomes the reason for your frustration.”
But she is the one who makes life beautiful and meaningful… continued his best friend.
“FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCE OF THE BRAND NEW HUSBAND.” His best friend said and both laughed loudly.

Follow Your Dreams. Today’s Author, Write Now Challenge. # Attempt 4.

It was his life long dream to become a dentist…


It was his life long dream to become a dentist. But Poverty doesn’t allowed him to complete his higher studies. He was not someone who will get depressed, forget about his dream and move on. He decided to crave his own path towards dream. He worked hard in daytime, took admission in night school and completed his higher education. He found a job at a dental hospital as an assisstant. He used to help doctor during checkups and surgeries, taking calls, fixing appointments etc etc. Doctor saw his keen interest in learning and was impressed by his dedication. He knew he was intelligent, secured higher percentage in school and dreams to become a dentist. Impressed he decided to help him financially and did his admission in one of a reputed college and took responsibilities of his studies and expenses. His hardwork paid him and today he is a successful dentist.
Life is full of surprises… if one door close another opens… don’t stop, keep walking towards your dream.

Today’s Author.Attempt # 3. (Write Now Challenge)


Write Now Prompt for April 28, 2017

She felt completely unprepared for this interview….


She felt completely unprepared for this interview. New city, New place and the very first interview in the new city. Being  busy in shifting process, she got no time for preparation for interview that too in such a big company. This job was very important for her, being a single mother with no one’s support and to survive in the new city, job was must. 

While sitting in the lobby, receptionist asked to follow her towards the cabin. She knocked the door with a deep breathe and stepped in. Boss asked her to come in and take a seat without looking up. She freezed as soon as she entered the cabin. Once again he politely asked her to take a seat, this time looking up. He too was shocked and can’t believe his eyes. He got up from his seat in disbelief. She was staring at him. He was the same man who played with her emotions and left her promising marriage when she got pregnant, but did not turned up on marriage date. Today she came to know he lied his real name too. She came slowly towards him and slapped him hard and left his cabin.



The Night That Killed Me. (Daily Prompt- Opaque)


Write Now Prompt.


She knew things weren’t good when the plumber started mumbling to himself.write_now_plane

She knew things weren’t good when the plumber started mumbling to himself. He was doing the same repair work for the past few months. Every time he would complete the work, within few days she calls him for the same problem and he has to do the same repair work.. Today he is here again for the same work may be for ninth or tenth time. She can’t blame him if he is irritated, Anyone can get if he has to go with such situation. He had suggested to change the pipe when she called him third time and she did that too, but again after a week same problem arised. Now he is confused and so do she. He is irritated and she was afraid. She is new in the area and didn’t knew much about this place. He adviced her to find a new place. He told her this place is not good to stay as it was unoccupied for many years. Neighbours says there is some negative force in this place that don’t want any humans to stay here. She asked him to shutup and concentrate on work. Still his mumbling was going on. Whatever he said scared her as she was staying there alone and sometimes she too felt she was not alone in the house.


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