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Twittering Tales

Twittering Tales.

For Kat Myrman’s 140Character Challenge

Attempt #10


Photo By Kat Myrman.

Between Earth And Sky My Life Is Hanging. Can’t Afford Being Scared Of Heights. But Happy With The Feeling Being Above All,As If Am Flying.

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Twittering Tales #35

140 Characters Tell- Alls. Attempt #9


Photo By Tyler Hendy At

At same place to celebrate Love Anniversary with same coffee.I am here,sadly you left world.I knw you are always with Me in my Heart n Soul.

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Twittering Tales

Attempt #8


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Cruelty at par…How could they peel off my skin and use it to cover this weird look alike of mine.I am all NAKED.EAT ME or COVER ME Please.


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Twittering Tales.

Attempt #7

The Last Glance.


Everyday I used to secretly glance at you.

Never expressed my Love as you were married.

Today for d last time I will see You..

Sadly in coffin.

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Twittering Tales.

140 Characters Challenge. Attempt #6


I didn’t came for feast.Wanted to see killers of my mate.They still roam free??Ohh..I forgot our life has no value,Humanbeings are supreme.

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Twittering Tales #3 Attempt#5


Dreamt a beautiful retired life,but reality hit me hard.I will stand once again.People think oldies are useless,Here I am proving all wrong.

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Twittering Tales#30, Attempt#4.


He never believed Planchet,Friends forced to join.Mins later,moment he removed finger frm a coin,Half filled Glass on table started Shaking.

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Twittering Tale #29. Attempt #3.


Should I go for it or not,every time you helped me to clear my doubt.Today its not about doubt,the answer lies on my destiny.Its about Love.

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Twittering Tales #28 Attempt#2


Birds flying freely in the blue sky.Beautiful bondings,no cheating,no betraying..The captive Girl’s thought while watching them from window.

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Love Stays Forever. Twittering Tales,Attempt #1.


Memory Lost,but when I close eyes face appears. Smiling,Blowing Kisses,Twinkling Eyes.In my heart,now on my wall.Love meant to stay Forever.

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