Twittering Tales-52-Joker. #140 Characters Challenge


…I Am Not Scarry.

Attempt #24


Photo By GLady On

“Hey Kid Wana C My Tricks”

“JOKER”Kid Ran Away

Hey M Nt Bad Joker.Lk M Frndly,M Smiling.

Dis Kid Too Scared Of Me.

Ohh Why Dey Mk Movie Lyk ‘IT’

-Soul Connection


Twittering Tales-51-26 September 2017-Apples #140characters Challenge


Attempt #23


Photo By Nordseher At

He Sold Ancstrs Land Agnst Evry1’s Wish

Days Later He Lost Job

Appls Lk Juicy

On Demnd V Xprt Dem

It Ws Frm Sme Land Whch He Sold Thnkng Useles.

-Soul Connection

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