To Do oR Not To Do.


The world survives on Hope. Everyone works hard, lives in harmony, loves each other for beautiful and better life. I believe one who says, ‘ I don’t expect anything from anyone in my life’ is the biggest liar.

 Expectations are natural. If I give you respect, I expect same from you. If I show respect to your decisions, words , I want you too do the same. Even if someone disagree with me in any way, I expect or we all expect it should be conveyed properly.

Except mother’s love or parent’s love everyone changes with time. Today somebody is good with you doesn’t mean they will be the same for lifetime. Dont keep wrong expectations from anyone. Yes some expectations are good to keep. Like parents expect their childrens to be a good humanbeing, to look after them, love them. To expect their children to be a better humanbeing is not something wrong.

Some people mix expectations and demand and that is wrong. People should understand difference between these two. We hear or read in news like someone got killed or murdered by somebody because their love proposals were denied or divorce happened because he/She was not as per expected. One can’t be forced to fall in love or one cannot expect peoples will change their likes, lifestyles because you want them to be like that.

Expect what is right but don’t demand. If you show respect , the same should be expected from that person…. that is correct. Express love, but expect the same feelings and to demand for positive answer that is wrong. You can’t force someone to fall in love with you. Understand the difference between Expectations and Demand.

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