Nature. (Daily Prompt- SOUND)

The proof God exists.


The real magic and the proof that God exists is the Nature. During rains nature is amazing and  it is the best time to enjoy somewhere at the beautiful places, hilly areas or by going for trekking with friends or alone to admire nature’s beauty.  Even the Sounds of thunderstorms, with lightening and rains falling on trees, fresh leaves or on roofs and wet streets with greenary everywhere is so soothing for mind and eyes.

Rains the most beautiful and romantic season. The smell of the wet earth always brings back the memories of childhood and smile on the face. I still love to get wet in the rains. The cool breeze and the  fierce look of the sky with lightening in between the dark clouds and the sound of thundering still scares me.

Rains and childhood are inseparable. We all have childhood memories related to rains. They are the best among all the beautiful memories. While returning from school, the little storms, the lone wet streets, going home playing in the rains with friends, getting wet even after having umbrellas, the sound of thunders with  lightening used to scare us but still the enjoyment and fun to get wet with closed umbrellas never stopped. 

Scary and beauty the two beautiful combination something like, I know it’s danger but I can’t Avoid it too.


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Daily Prompt: Fishing (A SWEET MEMORY)

via Daily Prompt: Fishing


I was on my short weekend trip to nearby hillstation last weekend, my mind slowly drifted towards beautiful childhood memories. I remember in my childhood we used to go for fishing at a nearby lake every weekend. Greenary, beautiful calm lake, chirpy birds and the relaxation  in the arms of mother nature. Leisurly lying, playing, reading novels or just lay down with eyes closed and enjoy the music of nature. Fishing was the main attraction for us kids. My dad, cousins and even we kids used to try our luck. It was so fun.  If anyone who got lucky to catch fish that moment was like celebration for we little ones. That was a perfect childhood I will say. Without technology just grow up with nature kids . Understand , listen , be surprised and most of all, connect with this beautiful God’s gift. The importance of this little fun we understand once we shift in concrete jungle and get busy with the race of world.
No luxary in the whole wide world can match the feelings and the  happiness nature gives us. I miss that place alott and sometimes I just wish I could run away  from hustles and bustles of city life and live my life in the middle of calm and serene beauty of the nature… forever.  Now as I stay in concrete jungle with only traffics and signals and horns that wakes me up in the morning. I miss those chirpy bird that used to sit on my window every morning to wake me up. The beautiful morning instantly used to lit up mood. Cold breeze, fresh air, rays of early morning sun and dew drops ..that’s a rare sight here in city.. rather I will say can’t find such mornings in the city.

In the fast growing world , we need to preserve our beautiful nature too with the development. Both are equally neccessary.  It’s our duty to help survive greenary around us and small birds, animals, wildlife that slowly getting extinct and we don’t even bother that somewhere we humans are responsible. To keep Clean and green nature is the duty of every humanbeings that stays on earth.




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