A Beautiful Wish.(Daily Prompt-Baby)

Let Me Feel The Love.



Kiss Me On My Womb,

Beautiful Sweet Angel.

Let Me Have The Feeling,

Of Life Inside Me Growing.

Let Me Feel That Tender Kicks,

From Those Two Little Feets.

Let Me Hold My Little Baby,

And Feel Those Soft  Soft Skin.

God Grant Me Blessings,

And Fulfill My Dream.

Let Everyone Know Me,

As The Mother And

The Complete Woman.

via Daily Prompt: Baby




Life is a race and we all are competitors. In this cut throat and fast life, emotions and sentiments have no place. Peoples have became judgemental and one small mistake and you are declared negative. Sad part is , Its so easy to judge peoples around us by their apperance in our society, but No one  wants to know the reason or who facing what in their life personally or professionally. Life moves around fast and to cope up with speed and development and  to grab the better opportunity in life,no one has the time to think or feel about fellow humanbeing.

It’s better to hide the pain, tears, problems or the situation that going through in life from the world and keep a smiling face and face the world then to display pain in the society, as most don’t care why and what’s happening in others life and those who care cannot help you to get out from your problems or situation you are in. If you show your weakness you will be declared incompetent or weak.

It’s you who has to deal with your obstacles or problems.. It’s you who can help your ownself. I feel that no one should  judge peoples by their actions or their appearance , without knowing what they are or had faced in their life. Their is always a reason behind every actions.

As a humanbeing i feel emotions, sentiments and helping nature should be a primary norms in the society. I really feel one should think before passing a view about other. Outlook should never decide a persons character or intelligence level. Deserved should win and rather than competitors peoples should become companions and help everyone grow and have a good life.

World should be a peace loving and living place.



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