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Time Once Gone Never Comes Back.


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‘You Know You Are Free Soul.You Just Need To Break Those Chain That Is Holding You Back From Enjoying Your Dream Life.Don’t Think Too Much,Just Go On…’
Everytym Heart Whisper When I Stop Myself Frm Doing Fun,Things or What I Love To Try In Lyf.
Now I Set Myself Free,Tym Flew Away.

-Soul Connection

I Will… (Daily Prompt- Quicken)

Journey Towards Freedom.


Days and Nights Passing Too Fast,

I still need to figure out.

The way to dump this chained life,

And move towards the Freedom Path.

This is not I dreamt My life to be,

I need to Quicken the way out of it.

No one can stop Me on My dream journey,

Not even this chained life that forced on Me.

No chain have the strength to prison Me,

I am a free bird who will find a way,

To fly away and touch the sky…

I am the Woman with hidden power,

That is still unknown to the World.

The more you try to push Me down,

The more I will Rise Up and Shine.


via Daily Prompt: Quicken

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