February Photo A Day Challenge – Welcome February.

Via:- https://citysonnet.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/february-photo-a-day-challenge-2/

Welcome February 


Photo Credit:- Soul Connection.

With a Broad smile and open arms …welcome February the most special month…

A month of love, A month of promises… For me a month that changed my life years back.. in a most beautiful way.

-Soul Connection.

Twittering Tales – The Sheepish Thought #280characters Tell-Alls challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/11/13/twittering-tales-110-13-november-2018/

Those Annoying Look…


Photo Credit:- By KleineKiwi At Pixabay.com

“Wht they wnt to copy frm us nw?”


“They r clicking us withot our permission”

“Seems we need to copywrite our style”

“You are right.”

“They already tryng to look lyk us by mkng faces while clickng selfies,we kpt quiet.Nw we need ths to stp smwhr”

“True.Humans r imitating us 2mch”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Creativity #280Characters Tell-Alls

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/09/25/twittering-tales-103-25-september-2018/

Nothing Is Impossible For Creative Mind.


Photo By PDPhotos @ Pixabay.com

“So its easy to tackle cmptitve world wd creativity.Here are shoes,Shw ur creatvty”

He tk few shoes,mobile stair wd him n gne ot,tied shoes in pairs n hangd on tree

Owner ws watchng,Publc too ws curious

He-“Loved?Select here n buy thr”

Pointing 2wrds Showrm

Ownr-“Congrats,U R Selcted”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales-Breakfree #280characters Tell-Alls challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/07/03/twittering-tales-91-chains-3-july-2018/

Time Once Gone Never Comes Back.


Photo By Analogicus At Pixabay.com

‘You Know You Are Free Soul.You Just Need To Break Those Chain That Is Holding You Back From Enjoying Your Dream Life.Don’t Think Too Much,Just Go On…’
Everytym Heart Whisper When I Stop Myself Frm Doing Fun,Things or What I Love To Try In Lyf.
Now I Set Myself Free,Tym Flew Away.

-Soul Connection

Three Things Challenge -Invention. #3TC

Via:- https://thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com/2018/07/05/three-things-challenge-5july-2018/

Today’s things are: Model A, Road, Airplane.


When model A was standing on a road, huge crowd gathered little with curiousity and more to make fun.
Later when the creator of the machine sat inside everyone went silent. He ignited the engine and it made a roaring sound.
“Lets stay back. I don’t trust this man and his machine.”
Another from the crowd, “Do you think he is serious??”
One more from the crowd, ” How can he imagine weird that machines can fly. Except birds nothing can fly in the sky. He has gone really mad.”
Model A began to move then slowly picked up the speed. Everyones eyes now glued on the speeding machine. Suddenly Before anyone can understand Model A took off. It was now in the air and below crowd was shocked. It was like magic for the crowd… Difficult to believe what was happening in front of their eyes.
One from the crowd,”Unbelievable. He did it.. Its flying… it’s really flying.”
Few minutes later it landed on the ground.
Everyone clapped and shouted GENIUS… You really made machine fly in the air.”
He got down from the model A and said, “Here is my creation.. my modelA and from now on it will be known in the world as Airplane.”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Grown Up Kid #280characters Tell-Alls Challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/06/26/twittering-tale-90-pick-a-card-26-june-2018/

Life Is Serious Then Lets Add Some Fun.


Photo By AlbanyColley At Pixabay.com

“Cm In My Child”

Follwng Voice She Wlkd 2wrds Table Wr Cards Ws Scattered

“Dis Is Ur Lyf.U Gng To Rule World”

She Smiled Bt Seeing No One Wlkd 2wrds Door

“WAIT.Bt Its Psbl Only If U R Almghty”

Cnfusd She TurnAround n Saw Her”Whn Wl U Behve Lyk Grwn Up MOM”

Lghng”Lyf Is To Njy.So NEVER”


-Soul Connection

Twittering tales- Surprise Package #280characters Tell-Alls Challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/06/19/twittering-tales-89-19-june-2018/

Was That Real…


Photo By MabelAmber At Pixabay.com


Evry1 Studyng Shell In Confusion

“Whch Bird Egg U Think.Its Big To Be Of Tht Bird,No Dats Small,I Think…”

Dscsions Ws In Full Swing Whn Voice Frm Behind Startled Dem,”Excuse Me,Tht Belng 2Me”

Evry1 Turnd Back In Shock

Sml Bird Wlkd Past Dem,Tk Shell n Murmurd,”Need 2Chnge Addrs Nw”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Dream Catcher #280characters Tell-Alls challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/06/12/twittering-tales-88-12-june-2018/

The Last Gift Of Love.


Photo By Free-Photos At Pixabay.

DreamCatchers Brings Peace,Bt These Makes Me Feel Restless.Whn It Sways In Mrng Breeze,I Fl U R Here,Bt I C U Nowhr.

Evn though It Make Me Sad,I Can’t Kp It Away As Its Ur Last Gft n Tht’s Why It’s Special n Precious.

My Love Y U Left World Before Me Leavng Me Alone.

Wdot U M Nthng.

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales-Trapped #280characters challenge #280 Characters Tell-Alls

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/05/08/twittering-tales-83-8-may-2018/



Photo By Fabio Santaniello Bruun at Unsplash.com

“Its A Long tiring day.Wrkng since morning n now its dark.Dnt evn knw wht we are looking for.”

“Evry1 says they hear strange noise frm underneath.Nw do U See smthng dwn there?”

While evry1 searching below they failed to notice face appeared in smoke above thanking for freeing them.

-Soul Connection



Twittering Tales-A Man With A Blue Cap. #280 characters Tell-Alls Challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/04/10/twittering-tale-79-10-april-2018/

He Is One Of You…


Photo By Leoperezwildadventure At Pixabay.com

In Deep Forest Betwn Big Trees Explrng Wild Nature,Njyng Birds Chirps On Sml Boat Unaware Wht Fate Stored For Dem

Ahh,Busy Clckn n Knwng Secret Of Forest Wd Camera n Binaculars.U Al Need 2Turn Around n Peep Into My Mind Thru My Deep Gaze,Tht Mgt Hlp U Al Frm Ur Guide,Naah Ur Fate.

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales-Anything For You #280 characters Challenge

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/04/03/twittering-tales-78-3-april-2018/

 The Puff Of Love.


Photo By Harutmovsisyan At Pixabay.com

Evry1 Think I Made Mistake,Thts True..MARRIAGE

Nw I C My Lyf Lyk This Deserted Street..DARK

2day I Lost My Hard Earning Wilfully To U.I Gv U Evrythng Knwng U Played Wd My Feelngs

Nw In Middle Of Ngt Leaving Evrythng Behind,Clueless Whr M Headng,Bt I Knw Wil Find Lgt In Lyf Once Agn.

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Meeting #280 characters Challenge #Tell-Alls

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/03/06/twittering-tales-74-please-stay-on-the-trail-6-march-2018/

Humans V/S Other Species


Photo By Dan Gold At Unsplash.com

(Conversation Order:- Chameleons, Caterpillars, Reptiles, Squirrels, Ants with King Of The Jungle On Serious Concern.)

Humans Wander Carrlessly

R Dey Rly Intlgnt?

Selfsh.Only Folow Rules In Der Territory

Yes,Yes,Ys.Dey Dnt Value Our Lyf

Ltz Plce Sgnboard Lyk Dem,May b Dey Start Wlkg On Trail n V Wl B Sfe

Lets Try.

‘Snce Dn Sgn Board Ws Placd By Animls n Reptils’

Evn Sml Lyf Is Precious n Hv Rgt To Live.

-Soul Connection



Twittering Tale-Confusion #280Characters Challenge #Tell-Alls

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/02/13/twittering-tale-71-13-february-2018-its-a-sign/

Space Crunch


Photo Prompt By Kbhall17 At Pixabay.com


Here..No No There..Nooo.Ummm Yesss..May Be That Side…Ugghh…Ohh It’s So Confusing.

(‘Seems Lost’ He Thought Wtchng Her Lng Tym)

“Excuse Me. Can I Help You”

“Ohh Yes. Can You Plz Tell Me Whr Can I Place My Sign Board Here?

(Place For Signboard?Here?Is She OK?)

“Carry On..Good Luck.”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tale-Tree Of Life. #280characters Tell-Alls

Via:- https://katmyrman.com/2018/01/16/twittering-tale-the-tree-16-january-2018/

Attempt #37

Jungle Queen


Photo By Veeterzy At Pexels.com


“Btfl Tree.Branches Extnded So Artisticly.Unique”

“It Is.Evry Ngt It Trnsfrm Into Btfl Lady,Sprklng Magic On Dyng Tree n Gvs Lyf”


“Fact.No 1 Vnture Aftr Dark.Her Beauty Is Guarded”


“Curse.Whoevr Witnes Her Trnsfm,Its Last Thng Der Eyes See”

“Boon Fr Jungle,Sin Fr Human.”

-Soul Connection

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