Proudy Twinkling Stars And The Calm Moon. (Daily Prompt- Chuckle)

Truth… You Exist Because I Exist.


One night moon and clouds decided to stroll around in the dark sky. Millions and billions Stars were twinkling around their way. One proudy group of twinkling stars saw moon and few clouds coming from a distance. Proud for being the most beautiful among others, they decided to tease them. When they came near, one twinkling star said, “Hey Moon, You are just a plain white ball and that too with craters. Look at us… we are so beautiful, colorful twinkling happily and Look at these clouds…. ” she  and Other stars started laughing. Suddenly one star from their group fell down. “There goes the beauty…” Cloud said and chuckled.

Moon calmly smiled and said, ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the admirer, that’s why I am the most favourite on Earth. There is beauty in every small thing in the universe. Don’t be so proud for your beauty as it is for few moments, days or weeks and so are you all… but I am here forever. People admire you when I rise and my friend clouds can hide you whenever they want to.”

 Stars were silent.. By then one more star fell down and others just kept staring at the shooting star.

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My Dreamy World. (Daily Prompt- Desire)

In The Dark Beautiful World.


I Desire To Walk On The Dark Sky,

And Closely See The Beautiful Moon.

I Desire To Fly In The Cool Breeze,

And To Be In The Dreamy World.

I Wish To Play Hide And Seek,

With The Dark Clouds And Calm Moon.

I Desire To Pluck The Shinning Stars,

While Walking On My Lovely Way.

Desire To Meet The Floating Clouds,

Smilingly Moving Next To Me.

I Desire To Look Down At The Beautiful Earth,

That Brings Me Back To The Real World.

via Daily Prompt: Desire

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