Walking Same Path. (Daily Prompt-Controversy)

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“Meet me after the school”, she said cheerfully to him when they bumped in to each other on staircase.
He noticed few students standing and listening to their conversation, to avoid another controversy he just replied Ok.
The group teased her when she crossed them to reach her classroom . She chose to ignore them like always. Controversy and teasing on their bonding was not new to her. It all started when one student saw them together after school.  Someone spots student n teacher together hanging out is the gossip that will never die, it affected her alot. Controversy was too difficult for her to handle at first, but she learned to cope with it. The news spread like fire in the school premises. Actually that period was too disturbing and depressing for both of them to handle. They decided to remain silent.

As decided they met after the school and to catch them red handed, same group of students was hiding to watch them. They came and chat for few minutes, then she removed something from her bag. A rose and a card. The Group of students who was hiding watching them came out and started laughing and teasing them, principal who was passing by at the same time saw everything and asked them whats the matter. Now teachers and few students too came after hearing the chaos.
Group of students told everything that they saw and heard.  They even told about the card and rose that the teacher was holding in his hand was given by her. Principal looked at her and teacher, then took the card from him and started reading what was written inside. The message was. 


Principal shown the card to the students… they read and felt ashamed of themselves and their thinking. With teary eyes they said sorry to their teacher and the girl, there head hanging in shame.
Teacher told the principal that he was going to announce the good news of the adoption of this girl after completing the formalities. The decision to adopt her was because he knew the difficulties that have to face while growing up as an orphan. His decision of adoption at the young age earned him a great respect.

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