Fate- Stream Of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Via:- https://lindaghill.com/2018/01/12/the-friday-reminder-for-socs-jusjojan-daily-prompt-jan-13th-2018/

Prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream Of Consciousness Saturday is to write post by looking to the publication(Book, Newspaper, Permission Slip of kids teacher, Whatever) closet to you and base post on the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth word from the beginning of the page.


Sixth, Seventh n Eighth Word :- Making A Decent.


MAKING A DECENT earning in today’s world was not sufficient to lead a luxuorious life which he had always dreamt of. He was thinking about the offer from an unknown person from night club to earn fortune in less time and decided to go for it.

Few months of enjoyment, he started missing his old simple carefree life and decided to leave everything behind and head towards an unknown place where no one knows him and live rest of his life peacefully.

One thing he didn’t knew that it’s easy to enter in the dark world but difficult to leave everything behind and live a normal life once again.

He decided to complete one last assignment that was in his hand. At 2a.m he took the parcel and went to deliver it in a night club. He was waiting for the party to collect the parcel when police seized the place asking everyone to co-operate and should not leave till thorough checking and interrogation. Too much complaints against the club lead to police action. It was doubted as one of the famous spot for drug dealers and for illegal activities.

Restless to see police,he never thought he will face such situation in life. Scared he started running towards rest room to get rid of parcel when police asked him to freeze and put his hands behind head. Instead he took out gun from his pocket and was about to fire when police shot him which took his life instantly.

Sadly he died on the same day when he realised about his wrong decision and had decided to leave criminal world forever.

-Soul Connection

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