Outlook. (Daily Prompt- Ordinary)

Sometimes even a normal day gives an unforgetable memory to treasure for life… 

sometimes An illiterate teaches the most important and valueable lessons of life.

Sometimes the Smile and satisfaction on the face of poor proves that the real meaning of happiness doesnt lie in luxuaries..

The truth is we dont need a special day or occassion,  but Ordinary day, peoples or situation can make any day special or full of happiness. change the outlook towards life and see the changes.  Afterall attitude matters the most.

 The way you look at the world, what you attract inside you weather it’s  positivity or negativity that is more important. Understand this simple things in life  then everyday will be special, happy and memorable.
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The Lost Love. (Daily Prompt-Nervous)

Destined To Meet.. Once Again.



College Reunion was planned after ten long years. They met each other for the first time after breakup. As their relationship ended on a bitter note, they never tried to remain in contact all these years. When they came face to face, they greeted each other formally. While chatting he came to know sad news about her husband, that She lost him couple of years back and now stays alone. Later, he offered her to drop home and she accepted. On the way, she casually asked him about his life and family. He replied smilingly, “All Alone… Still Waiting.”  Hearing this She kept staring at Him. Both were silent till they reached the destination. While getting down He nervously asked her, ” Can We meet Tommorrow For Coffee??”  She Turned Around, Smiled and said, ” Sure, At our old joint.”

Sometimes Destiny Gives A Second Chance.

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Lone Journey towards my dreamy life.



I chose my own path, knowing about too many obstacles in my way. Winning or losing is not in my hand, but satisfaction of choosing my life to live on my own terms in this difficult world being a woman is the challenge I accepted.  

I am Aware of the consequences I have to face to reach my desired destination, but to go on knowing that has its own charm. May be the time it will take will be forever… but the happiness on walking on my chosen path is too high that no one will ever understand.

If I win it’s like I live my dream fully… If I lose I will learn from the past mistakes but will continue my journey till I am alive craving new paths but the destination will remain the same.

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Discover Challenge: The Greatest inspiration in the World.


The greatest inspiration is the SUN in the world. There is so much to learn from Sun…

For me SUN is the perfect example for humanbeings to learn how to lead life in the real way. It’s the greatest inspiration for the world.

Everyday Sun rises.. spreads light, gives life to the world, wakes up everyone.. then sets.  When it sets sky looks beautiful  just like it was during the sunrise. Thats the beautiful inspiration every humanbeing should take from the sun.we always say or heard that NATURE IS THE GREAT TEACHER. When sun rises or sets it makes the sky beautifully gold and that sight lifts our mood instantly making us forget all our worries. Just the same way when you are in happy or in sad phase make your life worth living by spreading happiness around you or by helping the needy.

Sun knows it has to set but that doesn’t stop him from rising again. Same way ups and downs in life should never stop humanbeings from living worthy life. One obstacle should never make you change your destinations or decisions.. rise up and go on again. Keep trying till you succeed.

Sun burns in his own fire..but that fire keeps him alive. Feel the heat of problems but don’t stop..that fire will lead you towards a beautiful life that you have dreamt of. Be a inspiration for the world not an example of failure.


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Photo Challenge: Resilient.





“Life is beautiful when we were kids.” This line is said and agreed by almost everyone in this world. We know that Kids enjoy life to the fullest. They don’t care who thinks what about their actions or the way they enjoy little things around them and that’s the way life should be enjoyed. CAREFREE.

But did anyone gave a thought that life can still be more beautiful and stressfree if we don’t kill that child we all have inside us. Laugh your heart out, Be you, enjoy funny incidents, see the fun happening around us and  be kid with kids. Forget all your worries and do what your heart loves to… just like kids. Don’t think about the reactions others will give you. JUST ENJOY. Everyone loves to have fun, but the thing is everyone cares too much about what others will think or say. Agree??

On Children’s day lets promise ourself that whenever we get a chance to laugh or to enjoy life, we will bring out the kid that resides inside us. Let that kid come out and have fun the way heart feels. Lets not think about the reactions. Just enjoy Life. Let that child inside you comes out sometimes, whenever he/she gets a chance.



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