via Daily Prompt: Devastation


Since long she was waiting for this day. The day they both were eagerly waiting for.. to meet each other after couple of years. Due to work he had to leave the country for two long years.

Today was a special evening for the two lovers. Flowers in the hand and smile on her face, the beautiful lady was waiting to meet the love of her life. Happiness knew no boundaries when she saw him at the other end of the road. Waving at his lovely princess he came towards herĀ  to hold her in his arms after a long time, but destiny planned something cruel.. a fast heavy vehicle knocked him down and crushed him under the wheels.

The world came crushing in front of her eyes. The beautiful smile replaced by the tears and grief. Her most happiest and awaiting moment turned into the the most devastating in a split of seconds.

Everything finished… the wait was over in a tragic way… this time the love of her life left her alone.. FOREVER.

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