One Liner Wednesday- Ego #1linerWeds


Ego Never Brings Happiness.. Instead Lonliness In Life.


Instead Of Spending Life Thinking ‘What If…’, It’s Always Better To Keep Ego Aside And Solve Differences That Cropped Up To Live Beautiful Life Forever Together.

-Soul Connection


The Inner Voice.(Daily Prompt- Instinct)

Follow Your Instinct.


Life was rough for her since she shifted to a new city. Big dreams in her eyes and the fire inside to achieve everything she desired, deserved and to live life on her own terms. Alone, beautiful, single young woman trying her luck in the big city is really a difficult task.

Recently she got a good opportunity to work in a big multinational company. She was happy as her hardwork paid off. Everything was as per her expectations except her Boss. He was in his mid fifty. Most of the time he used to make her wait beyond office hours. She has to obey as he was her boss and to complete the work in scheduled time was her duty, she can’t deny even if he allot her work everyday just when she’s about to leave the office. Sometimes her instinct hinted her something is not right in his intensions, she used to brushed away such thoughts thinking it might be normal to work late hours in big city.

One day her boss asked her to accompy him for the meeting at the hotel. He asked her to be there to assist him in his work. The venue and time was odd as he asked her to be there at sharp 10pm. She had to obliged as it was her boss decision. She reached the hotel premises by 9.45pm. He saw her from his suite window, a cunning smile appeared on his face. When she reached the reception area, a message was waiting for her. He had asked her to directly join him to his suite.

‘Weird’, she thought and entered in to the lift. Something is really wrong, her instinct once again warned her. ‘Get away from this place, dont go’, her mind was continuously trying to alert her. Confused, scared she reached near the door. Slowly Her hand reached out to knock, at that moment something stopped her hand midway. A voice from her head screamed, ‘NO’. She turned and walked away.

Next morning her resignation letter was on the boss desk.

Nothing is more important than safety, dignity for a woman. What if she is staying alone, working late night. Nobody can take her for granted.

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The Curious Case Of Visions. (Daily Prompt – BLUR)




Since childhood I have visions. Visions about strangers, faces, places. Earlier it was scarry as I used to wake up in the middle of the night, but now I am ok with it. Now I enjoy except some haunting and scarry dreams.

Repeatitive visions of myself wandering at the dark secluded places alone, walking in to the woods searching way out or sometimes chasing something other time someone chasing me… but when I wake up, i can’t recollect most of my dream except some blurry visions and the feeling that it had happened with me before or I had the same dream in the past. It’s like incomplete dream… i try to reach somewhere or for someone,  I wake up before my destination.

Most common dream that comes continuosly is the old house with dark rooms, alone m searching someone but when I open the door at the far corner of the house, exactly that time I open my eyes and it happens everytime. Its a common vision i have every other day. First I thought it’s just a mind game or random dreams m having, but few repeated dreams made me believe there might be some connections between these visions and my life.

I believe if it is related to my future, one day it will stop and if it’s connected with my past life, as I believe in rebirths and past connections, this blur visions will continue to fascinate me forever.

via Daily Prompt: Blur


via Daily Prompt: Yellow



When Night Falls I sleep with my head down…

Only to brighten up with your First Light.

The one who glance at me…

Feels happy with my only sight.


The world knows our Love Story…

That we will never ever meet…

But that doesn’t make me love you less.

That you are above and I grow on Earth..

 Everyone calls me  Sunflower

and that’s my lovely name.

The yellow Lane of Sunflowers

Favourite with the Lovers.

I witness every Phase of humans life..

Be it the First Love or Painful Heart Breaks.

I am there to greet for the First time

Or chosen to say Final good byes..

Be it Happy or Sad moments..

I am there with Everyone..


CROSSING THE THIN LINE. (Daily Prompt: Crossing)



The two best friends met each other at their regular hangout.  She was as usual in her chirpy mood but he was engrossed in his own thought.
He questioned himself, ” There is a thin line between the friendship and love. Is it worth crossing to express my one sided love??? ”
And as usual he kept quiet. Once again brain wins and heart lost the battle.

Crossing the thin line between friendship and love is not that simple. The fear is always to lose the best friend forever.

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

Daily Prompt: Hopeful



2017…. A year of hope, love, success and peace… May Almighty bless us with all the happiness and smooth journey. A journey that unwinds with lots of surprises and dreams that turn into reality.

Really hopeful that this year will fulfill my dream.. A dream that is in my heart and wish this year will turn into reality.



via Daily Prompt: Hopeful



I love December..  it’s the season of celebrations, love,sharing happiness and most important the month of Jesus  Christ… CHRISTMAS.

 December brings joys and tears and the love that binds everyone together. Joy because we all know It’s a Jesus Christ month.. a birth of our saviour. On this month the light of blessings and love spread on the Earth . Tears because it will mark the end of the existing year. All the gains and pains we had experienced in the existing year will leave us , While we are busy in celebration with fun , love, meets and greets with our peoples. Few days later, We all will be ready to welcome new year with  partying hard, drinks , dance , smiling face and open arms and with that Tears and the pain in the heart, we all will bid good bye  to the existing year. Really December brings back the memories of joy and happiness and with it a tinge of sadness too.

December is a month full of nostalgia… we meet our relatives, friends, loved ones and this is the only month where we forget all our worries, tensions, fights and differences with near and dear ones and celebrate Christmas and New Year. Little kids eagerly waiting for secret santa and voila the decoration…. i just love how beautiful everyone decorates their home, christmas tree, lawns.

In short December is the month of renewal. We renew our relationships that sees ups and downs. We all forget the ugly sour talks,fights, differences we have with each other and fill our relations with love, respect,appologies , smiles in the beginning of the new year.

This is a circle of life…. it will go on… love and differences  will happen… where there is and downs will come, where there are relations, differences will definitly crop up. But we don’t need to worry as we know again December will come in the end and will fix it.and that’s why I LOVE DECEMBER.


Daily Prompt: Calm


Far away… yet so close.


Standing in the balcony late at night, he saw a shooting star and quickly made a wish ,” Keep her happy and let all her wishes comes true”. 

Far somewhere like every other night she prayed with closed eyes , “God, make him realise I still Love him”.

Divorce doesn’t stop the feelings and love they have for each other. Missunderstanding changed the circumstances, but heart still beats for each other.


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