Mirror Of My Life. Photo Challenge#165.


Shades Of Soul.


My face is the mirror of my life. It displays every hues and colours the world painted on me. Sometimes love, sometimes anger, Sometimes colorless like water.

Seasons change, peoples change… But emotions, memories, sentiments from the past stays forever in the heart.

Some call me selfish, some loving or generous and some remember me as a helping soul… all the names given by the society. Actually it does not define me as a person, but their own way of judgement according to their need, thinking and character.

I don’t blame people as this is the nature of society or humanbeing… when in need they remember you, but once their needs are fulfill they will start judging you.

I don’t like to wear mask on my face… My face displays every true color… a hint of everything my soul possess… Loving, Caring, Anger, Hatred, Loneliness, Betrayal, Happiness and Sadness… All the shades makes me the person I am.

A Beautiful Wish.(Daily Prompt-Baby)

Let Me Feel The Love.



Kiss Me On My Womb,

Beautiful Sweet Angel.

Let Me Have The Feeling,

Of Life Inside Me Growing.

Let Me Feel That Tender Kicks,

From Those Two Little Feets.

Let Me Hold My Little Baby,

And Feel Those Soft  Soft Skin.

God Grant Me Blessings,

And Fulfill My Dream.

Let Everyone Know Me,

As The Mother And

The Complete Woman.

via Daily Prompt: Baby




The party was on full swing. He was enjoying with his friends, happily dancing and in fun mood till he saw her. She too was invited in the party by the common friend. She wished the couple for their third marriage anniversary and then she saw him. Reluctantly she came towards him and said, ‘Hello’. He turned towards her and replied, ‘Hii’ in lukewarm emotions.

The love and emotions between these two were long lost. Nothing more left to say between the two ex couples who was once known as the most loving and happiest married couple in their friends circle… till divorce happened between them.


via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

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