One Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan- Welcome 2020 #1linerWeds


First Sunrise of 2020.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


New Day, New Beginning, New Year with Old Relations ahead in the journey will cross New Peoples, New Connections… All set to create New memories to write New Stories in a Book of Life as a New Chapter on fresh paper by Closing old, bidding teary good bye to last year that gave beautiful lessons… Some good, some bad, but all memorable that will remain close to heart as a beautiful experience, teachings and memories that will last forever.

-Soul Connection

Three Things Challenge -Invention. #3TC


Today’s things are: Model A, Road, Airplane.


When model A was standing on a road, huge crowd gathered little with curiousity and more to make fun.
Later when the creator of the machine sat inside everyone went silent. He ignited the engine and it made a roaring sound.
“Lets stay back. I don’t trust this man and his machine.”
Another from the crowd, “Do you think he is serious??”
One more from the crowd, ” How can he imagine weird that machines can fly. Except birds nothing can fly in the sky. He has gone really mad.”
Model A began to move then slowly picked up the speed. Everyones eyes now glued on the speeding machine. Suddenly Before anyone can understand Model A took off. It was now in the air and below crowd was shocked. It was like magic for the crowd… Difficult to believe what was happening in front of their eyes.
One from the crowd,”Unbelievable. He did it.. Its flying… it’s really flying.”
Few minutes later it landed on the ground.
Everyone clapped and shouted GENIUS… You really made machine fly in the air.”
He got down from the model A and said, “Here is my creation.. my modelA and from now on it will be known in the world as Airplane.”

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales- Grown Up Kid #280characters Tell-Alls Challenge


Life Is Serious Then Lets Add Some Fun.


Photo By AlbanyColley At

“Cm In My Child”

Follwng Voice She Wlkd 2wrds Table Wr Cards Ws Scattered

“Dis Is Ur Lyf.U Gng To Rule World”

She Smiled Bt Seeing No One Wlkd 2wrds Door

“WAIT.Bt Its Psbl Only If U R Almghty”

Cnfusd She TurnAround n Saw Her”Whn Wl U Behve Lyk Grwn Up MOM”

Lghng”Lyf Is To Njy.So NEVER”


-Soul Connection

Unique Blogger Award.


Thank You…😇

I would like to thank ‘A writers Beginning’ for nominating me for the ‘Unique Blogger Award 2017’. Two nominations on the same day itself is a cute co- incidence.😊 Thank you Emily.

Our writing is loved and appreciate by fellow blogger itself is beautiful feeling. I accept this award as ‘Token Of Love’ towards my Blog. 💞💖

Here are the Rules:

1. Link to the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.

2. Answer the questions you are given.

3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.

4. Ask the people you nominate 3 new questions.

Now it’s time to answer three beautiful questions by Emily. Here we go…

1. Can you remember the first story you ever wrote? Can you remember what triggered it/influenced it? Or are you more like me – writing so much that you can’t remember that far back?

Ans:-  I remember my first ever post. It was dedicated to my late grandma. We were very much close to each other and my childhood memories are attached with her. Here m sharing link of my first ever post…

2. Why do you write online, opposed to keeping your writing to yourself? I only ask because I used to be very private about my writing. I didn’t have the courage to show anyone because I was too scared that they’d criticise it. Was it the same for you?

Ans:- I love this question the most. The answer is Yes. Even i was scared with sharing my writing online or with anyone, but deep down I always felt my writing should be shared…so decided to start a blog and Here i am… but the secret is… My friends still don’t know i am into blogging😊

3. Which one of these do you think is the more powerful – a sad story that makes the tears flow, or a story that fills you with confidence and determination? I think it’s interesting; obviously both are powerful, because they affect us so much, but which does so more?

Ans:- Tears are said to be the sign of weakness.. but i dont agree. My tears flows every now n then…even when i don’t want them to flow😂 For me sad story is more powerful as I believe to bring tears with a story is a big thing.. as it managed to touch the heart. Confidence and determination the word itself has more power. For Me tears or sad story the silent winner.☺

Now here are My Three Questions for the Nominees.

1. What you love most about yourself and why?

2. Do you think emotions are drifting away from peoples life nowadays?? If yes share a small incident that made you agree with the question.

3. Do you have a toy or anything that is with you since childhood. Your favourite possession? If yes share a story /image.

Here are My Nominations..

SoCS July 8/17 Love #SoCS

Attempt #2



Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is : “ick.” Find a word with “ick” in it or use it as a word itself.

The day was awesome after a long time with friends, fun and delicious food. A bad breakup feels a long past. Truly, friends are lifeline and the best medicine for depression. Everything was perfect until we planned and extended our fun towards night pub for drinks and dance. Ickkkkk….. I saw him.. Ugly past was now in front of me with new love candy in his arm. Fun was past now….

 Once again my Heart cried silent tears.


Heart and Mind. (Daily Prompt- Collaboration)

… Be Together.




Heart and mind loves to walk in oppossite direction, though their intentions are same… our happiness and beautiful life.

Strangely they never have same choice, When heart thinks it’s perfect, mind will find out mistake… Confusion.

When mind chose one thing from many options and make us believe that’s best for us, at the same time heart will confuse us by thinking emotionally and will choose what is oppossite… Again Confusion.

It’s Difficult to make a decision when heart and mind walks in opposite direction on the same subject, be it life’s important decision, job, house, carrer or love.

But When mind and heart walks hand in hand, agrees on same decision, which rarely happens and the topic is Love, that collaboration brings only joy.. That decision make our journey beautiful, without confusion and full of happiness.

It make our Life Beautiful Forever.

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Life. (Daily Prompt-Ruminate)


What humanbeings really expect from life? Success, Money,  Fame, Designation or something else?? Actually in the end we humanbeings want happiness and peaceful life. Early morning while sipping hot cup of coffee standing on my balcony and watching the crowd moving hurriedly to their destination, a thought crept into my mind. Running almost all life chasing the material things, how can any person find the time to enjoy what they really want to do in life?? Do they atleast find the time to relax and breathe cool morning breeze or to simply enjoy watching the rising sun??? Most people will say No.
while I was Ruminating about humanbeings and logic behind hectic lifestyle, the sound of my alaram clock brought me back from my thoughts and made me realise it’s my time to join the crowd.

This is unavoidable… You have to run, compete and earn money to survive in the world weather you like it or not. May be everyone dreams the same … A lazy life in the arms of  nature.

The best way  to enjoy your dream life is spare some time from the hectic schedule and enjoy carefree, tensionfree life. Sometimes take a break and enjoy the cool breeze and morning sun, starry night somewhere in the arms of Nature, if not then from your balcony.

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

CROSSING THE THIN LINE. (Daily Prompt: Crossing)



The two best friends met each other at their regular hangout.  She was as usual in her chirpy mood but he was engrossed in his own thought.
He questioned himself, ” There is a thin line between the friendship and love. Is it worth crossing to express my one sided love??? ”
And as usual he kept quiet. Once again brain wins and heart lost the battle.

Crossing the thin line between friendship and love is not that simple. The fear is always to lose the best friend forever.

via Daily Prompt: Crossing



I love December..  it’s the season of celebrations, love,sharing happiness and most important the month of Jesus  Christ… CHRISTMAS.

 December brings joys and tears and the love that binds everyone together. Joy because we all know It’s a Jesus Christ month.. a birth of our saviour. On this month the light of blessings and love spread on the Earth . Tears because it will mark the end of the existing year. All the gains and pains we had experienced in the existing year will leave us , While we are busy in celebration with fun , love, meets and greets with our peoples. Few days later, We all will be ready to welcome new year with  partying hard, drinks , dance , smiling face and open arms and with that Tears and the pain in the heart, we all will bid good bye  to the existing year. Really December brings back the memories of joy and happiness and with it a tinge of sadness too.

December is a month full of nostalgia… we meet our relatives, friends, loved ones and this is the only month where we forget all our worries, tensions, fights and differences with near and dear ones and celebrate Christmas and New Year. Little kids eagerly waiting for secret santa and voila the decoration…. i just love how beautiful everyone decorates their home, christmas tree, lawns.

In short December is the month of renewal. We renew our relationships that sees ups and downs. We all forget the ugly sour talks,fights, differences we have with each other and fill our relations with love, respect,appologies , smiles in the beginning of the new year.

This is a circle of life…. it will go on… love and differences  will happen… where there is and downs will come, where there are relations, differences will definitly crop up. But we don’t need to worry as we know again December will come in the end and will fix it.and that’s why I LOVE DECEMBER.


Daily Prompt: Calm

Daily Prompt: Fishing (A SWEET MEMORY)

via Daily Prompt: Fishing


I was on my short weekend trip to nearby hillstation last weekend, my mind slowly drifted towards beautiful childhood memories. I remember in my childhood we used to go for fishing at a nearby lake every weekend. Greenary, beautiful calm lake, chirpy birds and the relaxation  in the arms of mother nature. Leisurly lying, playing, reading novels or just lay down with eyes closed and enjoy the music of nature. Fishing was the main attraction for us kids. My dad, cousins and even we kids used to try our luck. It was so fun.  If anyone who got lucky to catch fish that moment was like celebration for we little ones. That was a perfect childhood I will say. Without technology just grow up with nature kids . Understand , listen , be surprised and most of all, connect with this beautiful God’s gift. The importance of this little fun we understand once we shift in concrete jungle and get busy with the race of world.
No luxary in the whole wide world can match the feelings and the  happiness nature gives us. I miss that place alott and sometimes I just wish I could run away  from hustles and bustles of city life and live my life in the middle of calm and serene beauty of the nature… forever.  Now as I stay in concrete jungle with only traffics and signals and horns that wakes me up in the morning. I miss those chirpy bird that used to sit on my window every morning to wake me up. The beautiful morning instantly used to lit up mood. Cold breeze, fresh air, rays of early morning sun and dew drops ..that’s a rare sight here in city.. rather I will say can’t find such mornings in the city.

In the fast growing world , we need to preserve our beautiful nature too with the development. Both are equally neccessary.  It’s our duty to help survive greenary around us and small birds, animals, wildlife that slowly getting extinct and we don’t even bother that somewhere we humans are responsible. To keep Clean and green nature is the duty of every humanbeings that stays on earth.




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