Thursday Photo Prompt- The Stranger #writephoto


Love At First Sight. 


With every word she spoke, he was falling for her. He hardly abled to pay attention towards her. He couldn’t stop admiring her soft skin, small sharp nose, pink lips and beautiful eyes with long lashes. She was the true definition of beauty.
She had saved his life by holding him when his leg slipped near the deep gorge when he decided to go alone on first day of trip to enjoy dawn. After that they had met twice before recent meeting. Later once while coming back with friends from exploring nearby places he saw her. He started walking towards her when one of his friend called him saying car is parked this side then where he was going opposite. He hastily replied to wait n will greet her and come by pointing towards her. Confused they asked to whom as their was no one insight. She was gone.
He wanted to meet her before going back from small vacation. Since the time he saw her, it was difficult for him to get her out of his thoughts.
“I think I Love You ‘ he blurted out. She stopped and kept Staring at him.
“What do you know about me?”she asked him.
He was silent.
“Come with me. I want to show you something. “
She started walking, he followed her.
It was a beautiful morning with snow white carpet on earth. She stood at one point near a small tree. The sun was softly shining through it. She turned around facing him and pointing towards the tree, “This is my place.”
One look at the boughs of tree he laughed. “You are funny.” He said
“I was killed and was buried here..”she coldly uttered staring at the tree.
He looked at her in horror “Ohh.. so I am in love with ghost then…” he continued laughing aloud.
She looked at him deeply.
He said, “Look, seriously.. i can’t get you away from my mind since first time I saw you. There is something in you tha….”
She vanished. He froze.

-Soul Connection 

100 Words Wednesday-That Girl Of Small Town #3LineTales



Photo By Daniel Garcia Via Unsplash

Her Long Black Waivy Hairs, Her unique way of Style, Beautiful Face And Her Talent Was Talk Of The Town Where She Used To Live.

While Painting She used to get So Much Involved In Her Own World That She Never Realised That Small Crowd Gatheres Around Her To Watch Her Magical Wall Art.

It Was Her Passion, Her Way Of Meditation To Forget Troubles She Was Facing From Her Own Peoples Since Childhood, That Affected Her So Much That She Became Quiet, Lonely And Remained Confined In Her Room For Long Hours, But Her Pain Bought Out Hidden Talent That She Possessed And Introduced Her To The New World Of Art.

-Soul Connection


Love Connection.(Daily Prompt-Fry)

This Time Forever….



She invited her friends for lunch and everyone was little surprised by the choice of her venue. When manager greeted them at the entrance of the restaurant, she requested him to sent a particular waiter to take their order. Her friends were clueless about her intension.

He reluctantly came to take the order. Everyone was silent. No one knew what was brewing in her mind. She glanced at her friends once, then at the waiter and ordered on behalf of everyone. He took the order and was about to leave when she stopped him and said, “…And yes bring deep fried chicken breast too… today I am going to try your favourite dish.”  He was stunned when she said that.  She was staring at him directly, he looked down and turned to leave. She stood and hold his arms. He was shocked. Except her friends, No one knew what was going on between the waiter and the customer. She looked deep into his eyes and said,” You knew I hate liars. I broke up with you because you said you own a chain of restaurants. I trusted you and you lied to me. Why did you do this to me?? ” He was silent. She continued, “You didn’t have to lie your status to be with me. I love you for the person you are… I know your love is true and that’s what matter to me.”

Shocked He looked up, his eyes were wet , so was her. He took her in his arms and hold her tightly. Her friends were happy to see the sweet couple together once again after the bitter breakup.

via Daily Prompt: Fry

Walking Same Path. (Daily Prompt-Controversy)

care For You.


“Meet me after the school”, she said cheerfully to him when they bumped in to each other on staircase.
He noticed few students standing and listening to their conversation, to avoid another controversy he just replied Ok.
The group teased her when she crossed them to reach her classroom . She chose to ignore them like always. Controversy and teasing on their bonding was not new to her. It all started when one student saw them together after school.  Someone spots student n teacher together hanging out is the gossip that will never die, it affected her alot. Controversy was too difficult for her to handle at first, but she learned to cope with it. The news spread like fire in the school premises. Actually that period was too disturbing and depressing for both of them to handle. They decided to remain silent.

As decided they met after the school and to catch them red handed, same group of students was hiding to watch them. They came and chat for few minutes, then she removed something from her bag. A rose and a card. The Group of students who was hiding watching them came out and started laughing and teasing them, principal who was passing by at the same time saw everything and asked them whats the matter. Now teachers and few students too came after hearing the chaos.
Group of students told everything that they saw and heard.  They even told about the card and rose that the teacher was holding in his hand was given by her. Principal looked at her and teacher, then took the card from him and started reading what was written inside. The message was. 


Principal shown the card to the students… they read and felt ashamed of themselves and their thinking. With teary eyes they said sorry to their teacher and the girl, there head hanging in shame.
Teacher told the principal that he was going to announce the good news of the adoption of this girl after completing the formalities. The decision to adopt her was because he knew the difficulties that have to face while growing up as an orphan. His decision of adoption at the young age earned him a great respect.

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

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