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One Liner-Wednesday-Love #1linerWeds


Heart Is innocent.. Doesn’t Understand False Promises. 


Heart… Slavery Of Feelings n’  Everyone Say ‘Love Gives Pain’.

-Soul Connection

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Memories. #Haiku

Haiku #1


Darkness Dominating Beautiful Golden Sky
Love Memories In My Heart Strong Today
Soul Cries, Glancing Empty Bench.

-Soul Connection

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One Liner Wednesday- Once Again #1linerWeds


The Incomplete Lovestory …


Image- The heart suffer by webgrafi at the deviant art.

…And once again I Locked My Emotions n Feelings For You In The Corner Of My Heart Like I Did Years Back When You Left Me.

-Soul Connection

One Liner Wednesday-Love #1linerWeds


Destined To Never Be Together…


Sometimes Somewhere Between Be My Life And I Don’t Think It’s Working Lies A Fairytale With Twists And Turns That Ends In Breaking A Loving Heart Forever.

-Soul Connection

One Liner Wednesday- Heart n’ Mind #1linerWeds


Power Of Heart.


… And Sometimes Out Of Nowhere There Comes A Turning Point In Life Where Norms, Terms, Rules Which We Set In Life Unknowingly Slides Aside So Swiftly And Heart Wanderes On The Path Where Right, Wrong, Good, Bad Nothing Makes Any Sense Even Intelligent Brain Becomes Numb And Silently Watches The Power Of Heart.

-Soul Connection


One Liner Wednesday- Bitter Truth #1linerWeds


Life Saver Life Changer…


Innocent Heart Believes Every Lie While Intelligent Mind Doubts Every Truth.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts #35

#Instant Thoughts 

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind…


You Never Remain Same Once You Get Betrayed By Someone You Trusted Blindly. They Not Only Break Your Trust But Changes You Unknowingly For Lifetime.

-Soul Connection

Random Thoughts 27

Everything Is Over Between Us … But Innocent Heart Still Hopes For The Miracle.

Random Thoughts 22

Hate Me For Who I Am… Not For What You Think I am…. Let The Reason Be Valid.


Will Go On…


My Way Is far, But I know…

I Will Reach There.

My Dream Is big, But I Know…

I Will Live It.


Filled With Emotions…


A small drop of tear

Flows from the eyes,

When floods of emotions,

Wants the way to come out.

Love, hate, longing or loneliness,

Memories of happiness or sadness.

Little salty teardrop,

Always looks the same.


Random Thoughts 18

Happy Moments Are Like A Favourite Novel… We Wish It Should Never Ends.


I want to be Somewhere alone with the beautiful nature along with the music of wind and the soft sunlight with the cool breeze playing with my hairs … The smell of the earth and the colourful flowers. A feel of Heaven on Beautiful Earth.

Mother’s Love.

Every night He eagerly waits for his Mother to come and brush his hairs lovingly till He falls asleep. He knew She will come and She never disappointed Him. Afterall it’s a Mother’s Love, It Never dies even if She is No more in the World.

Random Thought 14

Till Now My Heart Was Happy… Your Memories Flashed And The Clouds Of Sadness Surrounded My Heart.

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