Rhythm Of Life.(Daily Prompt-Rhythmic)


 We get life once, we live once. In this one time journey, we have to do everything, achieve great heights, enjoy, make and rectify  mistakes and then learn from them, travel every possible corner of the world, create and maintain old new relationships with our peoples, strangers or whoever we meet in this small journey. While enjoying all this phases of life we come across many ups and downs, happy and sad moments. That moments are Rhythm Of Life.

Ups and downs are the part and parcel of life which is unavoidable. They are the real challenges to live life. Without these rhythm you will never understand the value of life, happiness and success. Some people stop their journey if they get hit by the wrong moments or come across bad experiences in their life’s journey. That’s not right. Agreed we humans have emotions and sentiments. We get hurt by some incidents say like unfaithfulness, trust issues, misunderstandings or cheating by lovedones. When you go through any of such situation and feel like quitting or to stop or pause your life ask yourself one question, ‘Why waste our precious time or moment of life for someone else mistake?? Does it really worth it??’  

One should understand Ups and Downs, Happy and Sad moments are the heartbeat of life…this rhythmic moments makes us feel we are alive. We enjoy Our happiest moment of Life because We know what sadness is. Downfall teaches Us to be humble, helps Us realise Our strength, makes Us understand Our patience level and after going through all this turmoil when We reach up… that taste of Success can’t match anything in the whole world.. that success you achieved is Our Victory.

Enjoy this rhythmic life that help us keep going. Remember whatever happens, journey should never stop. Keep walking towards desired destination enjoy the journey, face all the challenges with a smile. Be positive and walk on the path of life. Challenges are the passing phase .. they will come and go.. and that will make the taste of success more beautiful.



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