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Friday Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “Season.” Use the word “Season” , Add a suffix to it, or write about one. Bonus points if the first and last word of post is a season or seasoning. Extra bonus points if you have Pictures. Enjoy!

Change is inevitable…


Heart Says ‘Forgive Everyone n’ Move On In Life’,

Mind Says ‘Remember One Who Hurts You Till Alive’.

‘Good, Bad or Worst Is Time, Not Humanbeing’, Heart Argues.

‘One Who Betrays Once Can’t Be Trusted Again’, Mind Concludes.

Life Is Like A Season, Never Stays The Same..

Like Summer Sun, Bad Days Brings Pain.

Rain Of Tears, Loves To Flow In Joy n’Grief.

Beautiful Memories Are Like Winter Breeze..

It Soothes Lonely Soul When Badly Needs.

Like Fall Season Leave Few Chapters Behind

 Wait For The Spring To Start A New Beginning.

-Soul Connection

A Sealed Envelope #SoCS

Source Of Happiness…

written on these weeks prompt- Sealing.

Attempt #4



Every weekend he posts letter at nearby postbox and every week he used to receive sealed envelope. It was like a ritual that he eagerly waits for the letter and when it arrives he Smilingly accepts opens and enjoy reading in front of his friends.

One day his friend said, “You are really lucky to have a loving and caring Son who writes for you once in every week. ” Nodding his head with a Smile he got up and went to his room. He closed the door, opened his note pad and started writing…

To World’s Best Dad, ….

In the End He wrote,

Missing You. Take Care… See You Soon.

While sealing the Envelope he said to Himself, If My Son really cared For Me then I would have been with him not at the Old Age Care Centre…

If My Son ever had Loved me truly then I never had written letter to myself just to imagine or feel what’s it’s be like to be loved by own children.

He wiped his tears and went to post letter for himself… like every weekend.


The Real Fortune.

Daily Picture Prompt


To Be Rich Or Poor By Birth Is The Game Of Destiny. Society Creates Invisible Walls And Catagorise Humans On The Basis Of Money, Status, Power That’s Not Right.

When Happiness Knocks Door, They Don’t See Poor Or Rich. It Lands To The One Who Welcomes Life With Open Arms And Face Every Situation With A Smile.

 The Glowing Face Of A Child With A Sight Of A Mother After A Long Time Can Be Rarely Seen In Rich Family. 

To Be True No One Can Buy Happiness From Money. Love Is The Important Ingredient That Makes Life’s Journey Beautiful.


Remembering The Unforgetables. (Daily Prompt-Massive)

Always In Our Prayers.

British Army Soldier Saluting

Humanbeings are Social Animals. We all contribute little or more for the welfare of our society in various ways, be it for social cause or in any other ways. While we are always busy in something or other work in our life, many good peoples goes unnoticed by us.. not intentionally but we don’t realise their efforts that really help the world going smoothly. Only the one that gets limelight shines.

There are few who does an extraordinary jobs without even realising their contribution to the world is massive.  Farmers, Soldiers, Doctors, Teachers, Army, Navy to say few… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A massive Respect. These are the professions that help us in our everyday life.. because of them we are alive. Without them the world can’t survive or say world can’t live in peace or lead a healthy life.

Ever thought What if Farmers stops Farming or Think if there is no one to guard our Country border or say What if Police doesn’t Exist at all in the world? Such professions or the one who choose these professions are the one who works selflessly for the fellow humanbeings and contribute to make a world a better place to live in harmony, healthy and happy.

Let us pray for them every morning.

Soldiers give their life to protect us, keep us safe. Very few have the courage to be on the border and fight for the country. They are the real hero.

Massive Respect for them and hatsoff to their family who shows the courage and give their piece of heart ,their childrens to the country.

Teachers build the future of the country

Doctors help us going strong.

There are many more such professions , peoples who help us and contribute to our world  in various ways.



via Daily Prompt: Massive

The Haunting Past. (Daily Prompt – Immerse)




The Past Is Still Haunting..

Sometimes it gives Happiness,

Sometimes It takes Me back,

To the Life’s Most Lovely Days,

Enjoying the beautiful weather,

Laughing, Chatting, Playing,

Surrounded by my peoples.

When I immersed in thoughts,

Cherishing those beautiful moments,

The sad memories brings Me back,

With the jolt of Harsh reality.

The day I Lost My lovedones,

With one big wave of Tsunami.

Happiness, Love, Enjoyment,

Changed in to Cries and Griefs.

Nature too has a cruel face,

I got to know in a harsh way.

Once I used to love Beautiful Sea,

Now it looks like a fierce Devil,

Who snatched everything in a flash,

My Love, Happiness And Smile.

via Daily Prompt: Immerse



A small story of my beautiful life. How changes happens with time, How you are replaced by another person and every replacements is not the bad thing.
Me, my husband and our two kids…  My beautiful small world. My day revolves around my loving husband and two beautiful kids.
Time passed by and now me and my husband took a back seat and our grown up kids took charge most of every decisions regarding  the house and daily expenses. This is the first major replacement.  Me and my husband enjoyed a relaxed retired life to the fullest.. sometimes exploring new places or spending weekends at our countryside second home.
Everything was perfect. My daughter got married in the loving family with a handsome man and soon got busy in her own life. As a mother I was satisfied and proud of my daughter, the way she looked after her husband’s home and family. Afterall Now that was her own place… She was now a married woman. A woman with responsibility.
My son chose a beautiful girl as his life partner..  It was a lavish marriage. My two kids got settled and as a parents we were happy and content. Soon My daughter – in – law took all the responsibilites of the house and I was too happy to retire from this post as a head of decision once again after my daughter’s marriage.

This is life. Replacement happens. Today my daughter in law  took my daughter’s place. Not like the love for my daughter has reduced. Once i was in charge of this household decisions and today I was replaced by my daughter in law and yes i am happy. Change is good.

Replacement will happen in life but to take it in a positive or negative way is in our hand. With time everything will be replaced, weather you want it or like it or not. It is is in nature. Accept it. Be happy.


via Daily Prompt: Replacement

SIMPLE. (Daily Prompt).

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Simple 3D Desktop Bakcgorund For Apple37.jpg

Why the world or the society is so judgemental . On every step we are being judged on attire, physical appearance without knowing ones background. How can a stranger judge a passerby or at first meeting simply by having a small chat one comes to know what been gone through till now in life??isn’t it strange… yes it is and in reality we all  judge every known unknown faces or peoples.

I believe ones lifestyle is fully depends on their own choice  or how they wish to spend or  they love to project. Character should not be judged on attire.

In this world one who looks simple might be the one who is spreading the hatred or violence. No one knows whats inside the persons mind and who is hiding what.








Humanbeings are the intelligent and social animals on the earth. Humanbeings are known for their humanity. They are the most sensitive and emotional living beings. One question… Where do their intelligence and emotions go when they treat animals in inhuman way??
Overworked and exhausted sight of animals makes us think where is humanity, heart, sentiments and emotions disappear when this so called intelligent species on earth treat animals in the cruel way. It really breaks heart when the hungry and tired animals are seen on the road working in the pain nonstop for hours silently. They seem so weak yet are loaded with double of their weight with items and seem to be working for hours nonstop without food or water. It seems like their teary eyes asking question to every human being, “what is my mistake that I am getting punished in this way?? ”
It really breaks heart in to pieces. How can be their masters so cruel. Atleast they should think they are earning, having food because this poor animals work day and night. Atleast treat them properly with basic needs.. medicines and let them rest between work.Little love and care will not cost much.

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

Discover Challenge: The Greatest inspiration in the World.


The greatest inspiration is the SUN in the world. There is so much to learn from Sun…

For me SUN is the perfect example for humanbeings to learn how to lead life in the real way. It’s the greatest inspiration for the world.

Everyday Sun rises.. spreads light, gives life to the world, wakes up everyone.. then sets.  When it sets sky looks beautiful  just like it was during the sunrise. Thats the beautiful inspiration every humanbeing should take from the sun.we always say or heard that NATURE IS THE GREAT TEACHER. When sun rises or sets it makes the sky beautifully gold and that sight lifts our mood instantly making us forget all our worries. Just the same way when you are in happy or in sad phase make your life worth living by spreading happiness around you or by helping the needy.

Sun knows it has to set but that doesn’t stop him from rising again. Same way ups and downs in life should never stop humanbeings from living worthy life. One obstacle should never make you change your destinations or decisions.. rise up and go on again. Keep trying till you succeed.

Sun burns in his own fire..but that fire keeps him alive. Feel the heat of problems but don’t stop..that fire will lead you towards a beautiful life that you have dreamt of. Be a inspiration for the world not an example of failure.


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Photo Challenge: Resilient.


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