The 31 Days Of October Challenge- The Conversation With A Stranger.


See It To Believe It…


He closed the novel that he was reading and slid headphone on the back side of neck.

“Do you believe in ghost,Spirits or Supernatural thing??” He started  Conversation with the only fellow commuter that was present in the train. 
“Yes.” Turning at him, Middle aged man replied.
“Have you ever experienced?”
“No.. but I believe . Tell me do you believe or ever experienced young man?”
“No I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits nor I ever experienced.”
“Mean if you experience you will believe?” Man laughed.
“Mmm.. Might be, but to believe they need to exist and I know they don’..”
The stranger who was sitting next to him, with whom he was having conversation was nowhere. 
The incident that just happened with him was scarry and difficult to believe. The thought that fellow commuter who was actually a ghost with whom he was having Conversation shocked him.
Train halted. It was his station . He got down and started walking slowly thinking about the encounter he just had with a ghost glancing at empty moving train. 

-Soul Connection

Thursday Photo Prompt- Illusion. #writephoto


Long Way To Go…


Morning glory beautiful…
Unknowingly preaches,
Life’s valuable lessons.

Future seems blurry today,
Don’t stop in between.
Life is a journey to go on,
Enjoying present’s beauty.
Sun lovingly peeps through,
Dense trees to shine our path.
Building strength n confidence,
By Shadows pretence sucess stairs.

-Soul Connection

Story Starter Challenge-Journey Towards Life.


Today’s Sentence: “That was horrifying!”

 The Never Ending Journey From Darkness Towards Life.


She signalled oncoming car to stop and asked for a lift. She was a beautiful young girl all alone at odd hours on a highway. He agreed to drop her.
“What are you doing in the middle of a deserted road at these hour of night.”
“I was left behind by my family and friends.”
“Ohh.. was there many peoples?
“Yeah.” She smiled and replied.
“Mhmm..may be thats why nobody must have noticed you were left behind. Don’t worry, I will drop you home.”
“They knew I am not with them when they left.”
“You think they did deliberatly? You are saying they don’t love or care for you?”
“They loves me too much.. I know.”
“Then why you think they left you all alone like this on the highway road ?”
“Not on the highway road. They left me in cemetery.”
“What?” He looked at her terrified.
“YES. Because.. I am Dead.”
He applied break bringing car on screeching halt.
“Heyy Look… Don’t be scared.”
“You youngsters don’t even see young or old heart before doing such pranks. Spare oldies like me.. You nearly bought me heart attack.”
“That was horrifying.”
“Sorry once again. We reached to the destination. That’s my home. I will get down here. Thank you for the lift.” She got down.
Waving towards her he ignited car and was about to drove when he saw her chain with beautiful blue stone pendent lying on the car seat.
He took the pendent and got out of car to call her but she was already gone. He walked towards the home where she had pointed and rang doorbell.
“Hello, can you give these chain to the girl who just came? I mean I gave her lift in my car  that time my eyes caught these beautiful pendent she was wearing and it might came off accidentally and fell on the car seat.  I am in a hurry. Thank you ” He handed chain to the lady and left.
“How is that possible? This was her favourite pendant and it was around her neck when she was burried today noon.” Her mom was staring at a pendent in horror.

-Soul Connection

Twittering Tales-Road Trip #280Characters Tell-Alls


The Road Trip


Photo By Gavilla @

“R v gng 2reach destinatn 2day?”She Askd Fldng Hnds

He Tk Map Frm His Frnd To avd Her Stern Look Frm Glasses

“Ahem we r on rgt track.Turn frm tht block n we wl b thr”His Frnd Tried To Assure

“I think v lost for 3rd tym.Unfrgtfl nvr endng road trip”She Put Her Hnds In Pckt”Lets Gooo”

-Soul Connection

Outlook. (Daily Prompt- Ordinary)

Sometimes even a normal day gives an unforgetable memory to treasure for life… 

sometimes An illiterate teaches the most important and valueable lessons of life.

Sometimes the Smile and satisfaction on the face of poor proves that the real meaning of happiness doesnt lie in luxuaries..

The truth is we dont need a special day or occassion,  but Ordinary day, peoples or situation can make any day special or full of happiness. change the outlook towards life and see the changes.  Afterall attitude matters the most.

 The way you look at the world, what you attract inside you weather it’s  positivity or negativity that is more important. Understand this simple things in life  then everyday will be special, happy and memorable.
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Lone Journey towards my dreamy life.



I chose my own path, knowing about too many obstacles in my way. Winning or losing is not in my hand, but satisfaction of choosing my life to live on my own terms in this difficult world being a woman is the challenge I accepted.  

I am Aware of the consequences I have to face to reach my desired destination, but to go on knowing that has its own charm. May be the time it will take will be forever… but the happiness on walking on my chosen path is too high that no one will ever understand.

If I win it’s like I live my dream fully… If I lose I will learn from the past mistakes but will continue my journey till I am alive craving new paths but the destination will remain the same.

via Daily Prompt: Aware





I saw many ups and downs in the journey of my life. I met many unknown faces… some became friends, some remain strangers, some stayed for long and still in touch while some left midway of the journey and gone forever.  Some remain loyal, some betrayed, some used me and some benefitted me to craft my beautiful journey to achieve what I desired and dreamt in my life. In either way all have the contribution to help me rise up and craft the beautiful path of life on which I am walking today and ofcourse with that hard work and little luck . Some way or other all that I have met helped me.

No grudges, no hard feelings nothing against anyone. I believe all that I have met in my life’s journey was a lessons, blessings that taught me how to be a better humanbeing. What qualities one should have and one should not. I will continue to make my path beautiful and in this  journey of my life I will keep meeting new faces and try to learn more things as long as I am on this path .

Life is a lesson and we should  keep learning. I will help others to achieve their dream in whatever way I can to craft their path of life in the beautiful way they have desired or dreamt of. I believe the way we think others are lessons or blessings in our life, same way others think about us.

I chose to be blessings in the peoples life.


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When Night Falls I sleep with my head down…

Only to brighten up with your First Light.

The one who glance at me…

Feels happy with my only sight.


The world knows our Love Story…

That we will never ever meet…

But that doesn’t make me love you less.

That you are above and I grow on Earth..

 Everyone calls me  Sunflower

and that’s my lovely name.

The yellow Lane of Sunflowers

Favourite with the Lovers.

I witness every Phase of humans life..

Be it the First Love or Painful Heart Breaks.

I am there to greet for the First time

Or chosen to say Final good byes..

Be it Happy or Sad moments..

I am there with Everyone..



via Daily Prompt: Filter



OH LORD, Let the blessings of YOU be with us Forever…

Whenever we lose hope, You walk beside us.

Give us strength in our Pains and Sufferings.

You are the only one I trust in my journey.

I always try to keep everyone happy and content..

But in this journey I lost Myself and my desires.

I love to spread Peace, Love and Happiness…

Even after all the sacrifices I am branded powerless.

I give birth to new life, still the world consider us less.

OH LORD I Pray to You..

Filter the mind and thoughts of the world ..

Towards the woman of the universe.

Make them see the way we are

Strong, Powerful and the Creator of the Universe.

The one who binds the family

with Love, Peace and Care.

TEN LINES OF WISDOM. (Daily Prompt- Ten)

TEN LINES OF WISDOM. (Daily Prompt- Ten)

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1. Listen to your inner voice before you take a big step.

2. If something goes wrong don’t quit life… Fix it.

3. Drive Safe… your life is precious , so is others.

4. Everyday make atleast one person happy by small gestures.

5. Be like kid when it comes to enjoy life.. Carefree.

6. Make mistakes but keep the heart to accept it.

7. Never judge someones capability on their physical appearance.

8. Love animals.. little love is what they ask for.

9. You earn for better life.. so Relax and Breathe.

10. Respect Elders.


via Daily Prompt: Oversight


In the fast pace life everyone is so busy in their work that many times they miss the small happiness that comes or are waiting in their way. They just neglect and move on as they are so much engrossed in their job that it just get missed.

WAIT… PAUSE… ENJOY… Share happiness, Share smile, Create memories and Spend atleast an hour with your lovedones. In short, don’t oversight family, friends, parents and their love by concentrating only on shaping the carrer.

Your personal life is as much important as your professional life.



No matter how successful you become in your life. If you forget the one who help you to take the first step towards carving your beautiful and secured life.. your success is incomplete .

Parents are the one who deserves the credit for your successful life. Never forget  or abondon your parents because today  you have what you dreamt of. Even if you have everything in the life that doesn’t mean you don’t need  your parents. Money will never buy the selfless love and care one get from their  parents. Yes you will be crowded by peoples around you but don’t forget they are because today  you are rich and successful.
The biggest treasure is parents and old friends. Never leave behind  parents and old friends. They knows you when you were no one. They will stand by you in every situation you will face good or bad. If you fall they will hold you not the one who are with you today because of your success.

The blessings of parents and the love from the loved ones will make your successful life more beautiful.

via Daily Prompt: Successful

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