Twittering Tale-53-Treehouse n Lonely Kid #140Characters Challenge


Attempt #25

…Waiting Sooo Longgg


Photo By Antranias On


Yes,Take Ur Lil Sis Wd U Too

Lk Sme1 Alrdy Playng

Hi Can V Join U Up Thr

Ohh Yes M Bored Plyng Alone Since Last 100 Yrs.

-Soul Connection

Three Line Tales, TLT

3Line Tales


Attempt #4


Photo By Daniel Von Appen.

The Beautiful Sunny Morning And The Kids In A Playful Mood.

Teacher Surprise Everyone By Moving The Classroom Furniture Aside And Making Space For Them To Enjoy The Day As They Want.

Afterall This Is The Age To Create Beautiful Childhood Memories To Cherish For Lifetime.




Everyday on my way I used to see a cheerful grandpaa sitting on the bench playing with the childrens and distributing sweets and candies. Childrens used to love him too much and the goodies puts smiles on the kids face.

One day  on my way I noticed the same cheerful  grandpaa was not like everyday…  Smiling face was replaced by seriousness. The frown lines appeared more promptly on his face. Kids too doesn’t seem to make him cheer today. I felt I should know the reason behind his sadness. I asked him what is the problem behind his sadness and is everything fine with him… what is the reason to be so serious and tensed that even lovely kids can’t bring smile on his face.

He turned towards me and then I noticed his moist eyes with lots of pain. My heart broke to see a cheerful grandpa in tears. He said I love these kids and they loves me back selflessly. Then why my own childrens can’t do that. I find the love in this little angels.. that too my kids can’t handle and they asked me to leave their place forever.


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Daily Prompt: Hopeful



2017…. A year of hope, love, success and peace… May Almighty bless us with all the happiness and smooth journey. A journey that unwinds with lots of surprises and dreams that turn into reality.

Really hopeful that this year will fulfill my dream.. A dream that is in my heart and wish this year will turn into reality.



via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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