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Evening Sprinkles Sky With Beautiful Shades,

Sight Filled Heart With Love n Thoughts Infinite.

Spreading Arms Darkness Soon Embraced Hues,

Colors Faded Above, Erased My Emotions Too.


Twinkling Stars Brought Back Beauty Of The Sky,

Eyes Shone Once Again, Lips Carved Into Smile.

Far Away In The Dark, Haunting Sound Of Waves,

Took Me Back Towards Memories Of Yours n Mine.


Beautiful Feeling Of Love n Happiness,

Once Again Gone Before I Understand.

Soul Whispered To Heart Words Of Wisdom,

Erase Painful Past, Life Is To Move On.

Think Before You Preach.(Daily Prompt-Hesitate)

Once I Am Gone…. I am Gone.


When He proposed His Girlfriend of Three Years for Marriage, She kept One condition before accepting His beautiful ring… His Parents will not stay with them after marriage.

Not expected this answer from her, he kept staring at the ring he was holding in his hand, mind occupied with the thought of his loving , caring, ever smiling parents who always believe in sharing happiness. How can he go home and tell them about the condition that was kept by his girlfriend, who are eagerly waiting to hear the answer. How can he ask them to leave their home, because his would be wife don’t want them after marriage.

He made up his mind and put the ring back in to his pocket once again and said, “I am sure I will Find Someone who will equally love my parents as I love them. I want to spend my life with the one who understands me, respects my parents and who knows my happiness lies where my parents are. All these years neither you understood me, nor I do.” Saying this He walked away.

Shocked She kept staring at him. She wanted to say something, but hesitated as she knew her condition was not at all appropriate. She wanted to stop Him, but He was already Gone.

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate




I hold you in my womb happily.

Took all the pains smilingly.

I forgot all those sufferings,

when I first time took you in my arms.

Though I hold you nine months inside me,

Your father too had sleepless nights.

The concerns, the tensions he never showed.

But I understood his unspoken feelings.

Holding our fingers in your tiny hands,

With trembling feet you took the shaky steps.

And now that You are a grownup man.

You left us alone in our old age time.

That doesn’t made our love for you less or gone.

My son just answer one question.

When you were small you need us, we were there,

To hold you, help you everytime.

Answer me my little baby,

Now that you don’t need us anymore,

Who will hold our hands firmly.

To support us, help us and

To hold our fragile body,

Who will Help us to stand on

trembling legs and be our cane.

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


via Daily Prompt: Devastation


Since long she was waiting for this day. The day they both were eagerly waiting for.. to meet each other after couple of years. Due to work he had to leave the country for two long years.

Today was a special evening for the two lovers. Flowers in the hand and smile on her face, the beautiful lady was waiting to meet the love of her life. Happiness knew no boundaries when she saw him at the other end of the road. Waving at his lovely princess he came towards her  to hold her in his arms after a long time, but destiny planned something cruel.. a fast heavy vehicle knocked him down and crushed him under the wheels.

The world came crushing in front of her eyes. The beautiful smile replaced by the tears and grief. Her most happiest and awaiting moment turned into the the most devastating in a split of seconds.

Everything finished… the wait was over in a tragic way… this time the love of her life left her alone.. FOREVER.


Far away… yet so close.


Standing in the balcony late at night, he saw a shooting star and quickly made a wish ,” Keep her happy and let all her wishes comes true”. 

Far somewhere like every other night she prayed with closed eyes , “God, make him realise I still Love him”.

Divorce doesn’t stop the feelings and love they have for each other. Missunderstanding changed the circumstances, but heart still beats for each other.


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