Thursday Photo Prompt- Nature #writephoto


God’s Love On Mother Earth.


Lush greenary surrounded beautiful nature
Cool breeze swaying in between calms my mind
Walking with feet naked bring heaven feel
Storm of emotions inside me now at peace.

Far away in sight beautiful bridge
God painted it with His finest art.
Standing alone silent there soothes soul
Beneath creates music by stream that flows.

-Soul Connection

Stream of Consciousness Saturday-Picture #SoCS


Friday Prompt For Stream of Consciousness Saturday Is “Picture”. Write About, Or Theme Post On The First Picture You See When You Sit Down To Start  Writing. You Don’t Need To Describe The Picture Necessarily- You Can Even Put Yourself In It If You’re Not Already There.

Through My Heart Web….


When I Read today’s #SoCS Prompt “Picture”, In my Photo Gallery I found this Cute Image in my Saved Folder and I Decided To Share my thoughts on these Image with Everyone Through #SoCS Prompt.

Peeping Out from the gaps of the fence these happy souls sharing cute smile with the visitors. I love the expressions on their face, their eyes and the way they lovingly standing close to each other… Best is their smiling faces. These image is the most beautiful with that Inspiring too. I see it as they are spreading inportant message in the World.. As if we don’t care where we are or we don’t think about the fence that is restricring our freedom to roam in the Wild. We decided to be happy. The perfect example to prove the saying, “Happiness Is The State Of Mind.”

The Message For The World…

 No Matter how life is treating us…At what direction it takes us, No matter how many fence of problems tries to limits our freedom… We will be Happy in every situation.. Be it in the Sun, In the Rain or In the Storm…. We Will Smile Back At Life.

-Soul Connection

SIMPLE. (Daily Prompt).

via Daily Prompt: Simple

Simple 3D Desktop Bakcgorund For Apple37.jpg

Why the world or the society is so judgemental . On every step we are being judged on attire, physical appearance without knowing ones background. How can a stranger judge a passerby or at first meeting simply by having a small chat one comes to know what been gone through till now in life??isn’t it strange… yes it is and in reality we all  judge every known unknown faces or peoples.

I believe ones lifestyle is fully depends on their own choice  or how they wish to spend or  they love to project. Character should not be judged on attire.

In this world one who looks simple might be the one who is spreading the hatred or violence. No one knows whats inside the persons mind and who is hiding what.






via Daily Prompt: Privacy


SHHhhh… Be silent mind…

Wait till the midnight falls.

The thoughts and fights with the heart…

You continue in the privacy of the dark night.

Mind.. you always wants to win..

But you never understand

Heart is where my happiness lies.

Heart knows my Love is my Life..

You say, ‘Love is all Lies’.

You don’t care With your harsh words..

Tears flow every time from my eyes ..

In the privacy of the silent night.

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