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Twittering Tales-45-15-august-Be You.


Attempt #17


Photo Prompt By 5arah At

Can’t Believe,Really Foolish!

Wht He Did Now

Sent His Fox Covered In Sheep Skin To Follow Us

Pity Fox,He Needs To Act Lyk Real Fox,INTELLIGENT.

Twittering Tales-43-1August 2017. #140 Character Challenge



Attempt #15


No Place Left On Me To Ink,Now Lets Tattoo Others N Fulfill Burning Desire.

(Months Later)

“Hi,I Want Smthng Btfl On My Neck”

“U Love Fairies?”


Lonely in a Crowd. #Mini Tale

I wish to change the past.


After a long time he was holding a Disk that was most played by the family. Staring at the disk for few seconds, he played their favourite track. Difference was there was no one in the house to enjoy the song except him. He sat teary eyed listening to the song and recollecting the beautiful memories of the past. He won family’s estate by plotting against his own peoples, but lost them forever. Today he was all alone with his fortune.

Hardway he learned that real happiness is to be with lovedones. In life Love is most important than money.

-Soul Connection.

Three Line Tales, TLT

3Line Tales


Attempt #4


Photo By Daniel Von Appen.

The Beautiful Sunny Morning And The Kids In A Playful Mood.

Teacher Surprise Everyone By Moving The Classroom Furniture Aside And Making Space For Them To Enjoy The Day As They Want.

Afterall This Is The Age To Create Beautiful Childhood Memories To Cherish For Lifetime.


Three Line Tales.

New Day New Beginning.


Photo By ChristianWidell Via Unsplash.

New Day, New Beginning With First Ray Of Sun Kissed The Earth.

Like Always It’s Time To Wipe Off Tears And Bad Memories Of Abuse And Torture From The Last Night.

Life Gives Second Chance To The One Who Don’t Lose Hope And Fight Till They Come Out As A winner Or Surviour.


3 Line Tales. Attempt #2

For My Love


My Secret Crush On You, You will Never know.

My Happiness Lies When I See Your Beautiful Smile.

To See You Smiling Forever, I’ll Be Joker For Whole Life.

The Thin Line.

…. Changes Everything.


I woke up and walked towards the kitchen area. On my way I saw my dad sitting on a couch reading newspaper in the living room. I cheerfully wished him Good Morning. He ignored. I continued walking towards the kitchen. I smiled at my maid who passed from my side and wished her morning like I always do. She pretended as if she didn’t saw me. Confused I continued walking towards kitchen, where mom was busy preparing breakfast. I wished her Good morning. She too behaved as if she heard nothing. Now Irritated with everyones behaviour in early morning, I Spoke loudly, ” M I INVISIBLE… Can’t you people see or hear me???” Same reaction from everyone. I shouted, “FINE…”

I Walked out of the kitchen in the direction of the living area where a big antic mirror was placed. I stood in front of the mirror, Smiled and wished myself Good Morn…. My words trailed off in the middle. “Why I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.” Shocked I ran towards my room.

I saw myself still lying on my bed… Lifeless.

No one ignored me. I WAS DEAD.


Twittering Tales #28 Attempt#2


Birds flying freely in the blue sky.Beautiful bondings,no cheating,no betraying..The captive Girl’s thought while watching them from window.

The Secret Friend.

It’s All Between Us….


You told Me everything about You, Your life incidents. The days of joy and grief, the moments of  happiness and sadness, heartbreaks. No one knows You closely enough as much as I do. I knew Your life every minute moments. No one knows I existed in your life, but today when You left, Everyone found out My presence in Your life. No one ever touched Me without You, but today when You left this world forever, everyone wants to know Your Life deeply through Me. I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER.

Your True and Close Friend.. DIARY.

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